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Ron Paul

Special Guest Ron Paul

Dr. Ron Paul – Dr. Paul is an advocate of homeschooling … for many. He is the author of The School Revolution A New Answer for Our Broken Education System.

Most homeschool leaders and parents agree the public education system is broken and now a public figure is echoing their concerns. Join us for the first half of the show and listen as TheSchoolRevolution_RonPaulProfessor Wilson and Felice Gerwitz host Ron Paul.

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  1. Great show! Thanks for having Dr. Paul on the show. I had not heard that he had written this book or was developing a curriculum. I found it very interesting to hear his viewpoint concerning education and particularly home education. I also enjoyed the conversation after Dr. Paul’s interview. I found it interesting to learn that little tidbit about the founder of the ACLU. Thanks for a great show.

    • mediaangels says

      Thanks, Missy! I enjoy each of our sessions and tend to learn so much myself. Dr. Paul, although retired from politics, has not stopped his fight for the American public and realizes as does the “other side” that the future of our nation rests on our children… as do we, homeschool parents.

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