Running Your Family Like A CEO

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Running Your Family like a ceo | Can you imagine running your family like a CEO? In this podcast, we explore that and much more. #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #FamilyCEORunning Your Family Like A CEO

Podcast 269

Can you imagine running your family like a CEO? In this podcast, we explore that and much more. Did you know that a CEO is a leader (mom or dad), is responsible for day-to-day management decisions (mom), and for implementing the goals long and short-term (mom and dad). The CEO communicates and is a liaison between a board of directors (kids and spouse). And, yes, there are many more similarities!

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My husband is the head of his company, and often during the day he will call me, say hi, quickly and then launch into something he needs. Or, he calls and expects me to take notes to remind him to do something later. My official title is “secretary-treasurer” of the company, however, with kids at home and homeschooling, it sometimes becomes very hectic for me but not him! He gets lots done, he is efficient, he is a delegator, he knows how to bring things in under budget and with a profit.

This gave me an idea! What if we ran our family lives like we ran a company? Would we be wasteful? Would I allow inferior quality work (school work or chores) to continue? Would I keep an employee (child) in a job that didn’t match their qualifications? More importantly, would I give an employee a job and not explain how to do it? Hmm…

Helpful Tips In Family Dynamics:

  1. Relationship with God. If your relationship with God is “off” we will transfer that to our spouse or our children.
  2. Relationship: in families relationships are the most important and how we treat each other shows what’s in our hearts! Think about it.
  3. Job description: how can we do a job well

So, a CEO –

  1. Leader
    • As parents, we lead by example. If we aren’t doing our part our kids will see this.
    • Sloppy parenting. Do what I say, but not what I do.
    • Ineffective leadership.
      • Plans fall through all the time
      • Promises not kept
      • Never around
  2. Determines strategic direction
    • Family goals — are we following the Lord as a family?
    • Praying together, worshipping
    • Spending time together
    • Focus on strengths
  3. Organization and delegation:
    • Oversee what are your family needs
      • Follow through on delegation
      • Clean home, focus on particular character quality
  4. Responsible for day-to-day management / accountability
    • Teaching children responsibility
    • Educational needs of each child
    • Working on character
      • Job descriptions and follow through
      • “Hires and fires” — if a job is done ineffectively course of action
      • Delegate jobs and explanation of how you want them done
      • Accountability – are jobs done daily/ weekly – how are they accomplished?
      • Ineffective job completion – do it again until it is right or
      • Fired from the job and given another job more suited (not necessarily a punishment, this could be a demotion!)
      • Hiring for a supervisor job – but be sure there isn’t a sibling abuse of power!
  5. Communication: Identifying needs and remedies
    • Time spent with God — the importance of relationships — A Few Minutes with God Podcast
    • Time spent with your spouse – importance of relationships
    • Time spent with children!
  6. Resources: Focused and centered on family dynamics
    • Family resources – time, time, time
    • Planning family outings

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