Running Your Home Like A CEO

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running your home like a CEO | Running your home like a CEO is possible, and even with heart! #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #HomeCEORunning Your Home Like A CEO

Running your home like a CEO is possible, and even with heart! Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a cue from corporate America and run your home like a CEO? In this podcast, we are going to discuss how running several businesses have taught me that I can apply some if not all of these skills into running a more efficient, time-saving, and organized home!

What about “heart,” you might ask? Shouldn’t you have an idea of running your household with heart? With care about those under your watch— of course! I can’t think of any company head who doesn’t care about the success of the business or the people in it!

I decided to look at six areas that a CEO excels in running a company. Successful companies are run with goals and everyone knows the direction and works hard to achieve it, together. There is strength in numbers and this is an important element in running a home. No one person can do it all—and if they do, at some point there is burn out. You can not sustain that level forever.

A home is made up of family and the needs of a family. In the next  I focus on family, communication and dealing with behavior and misbehavior and encouraging your kids to be the best they can be in life given their talents. In this podcast I focus on the running specifically of a home.

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Running Your Home Like a CEO Checklist:

Here is a printable with the topics below to fill out: Top SIX Traits For Running Your Home Like A CEO

First, let’s look at some of the attributes of a CEO –

  1. A CEO is a leader

Everyone looks to the CEO for leadership, to follow and to obey. The CEO is the person in charge and an authority figure. Determine the CEO of your family. Is Dad the CEO and mom the President? This is an important distinction. Families tend to have too many chiefs and not enough Indians and this can cause all kinds of chaos and problems within a family. Knowing who the leader is and why we follow the leader is very important. That is not to say that decisions can’t be made together but that when there needs to be one person making the decision (and taking the responsibility) that person is designated.

2. Determines strategic direction

  1. Everyone should understand the direction
  2. Jobs focus on the direction
  3. Daily responsibilities combined to achieve success

3. Decision making, a CEO makes decisions based upon: (*don’t worry about how you are going to accomplish any of these ideals, just think about how you’d answer each of these areas.)

A. Needs–Each person in the family has different needs and levels of care. Assessing this care and determining who can help is important. I call this manning the troops. Sometimes we need help

B. Values–What is important for your family? What values are the line-in-the sand? The not to be compromised truths your families will be known for?

C. Goals– What are your objectives as a family? Daily survival or thriving?

A CEO determines and communicates the organization strategic direction – until that gets settled, making decisions about anything else in business is hard. Without this goal the company is a group of people pursing individual goals guided by their own agenda. Does everyone in your family wander around with their own cares – not worried about the family as a unit? Are mom and dad the only ones who worry about each other and the kids yet this isn’t shared by the rest of the family? If so, the issue can be the strategic direction, no one knows the goal or how to reach it. What is the goal for your family? For ours it is heaven and getting there is very important to us, living out lives pleasing to God and each other is important. If we don’t live our lives with the “end in mind” we’d be very different people. Do you know your direction?

4. A CEO is responsible for day-to-day management decisions

A. Implementing long and short-term goals

B. Organizing and delegating

C. Making sure the different departments works toward a common goals

5.  Liaison:

  1. The CEO communicates
  2. Is a liaison

Communication is important. Period. Communicating the needs to each other and to the family without being hurtful is important. Constructive criticism isn’t often taken well. Is your family relationship good, if so it will be taken better. Most of the time criticism is taken as being critical of behavior or poor decision making. Working on lines of communication will benefit the immediate household as well as the

  1. Resources:
    1. In charge of balancing capital and people
    2. Using resources to the optimum



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