Samuel: Priest, Prophet and One of Israel’s Greatest Judges

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A man held the offices of a priest, a prophet and became one of Israel's greatest judges. That great man was Samuel.Episode #16- Samuel: Priest, Prophet and One of Israel’s Greatest Judges

On this podcast, we explore the life and ministry of a man who held the offices of a priest, a prophet and became one of Israel’s greatest judges. That great man was Samuel of the Old Testament, who lived between 1105-1030 B.C.

In 1 Samuel Chapter 1, we read about Hannah, who was barren and prayed fervently for a child. Hannah was married to Elkanah, a member of the priestly tribe of Levi. God heard Hannah’s prayers and blessed her with a son, whom she named Samuel, which means “name of God.” After Samuel was older, Hannah took him to the tabernacle to dedicate him to the service of the Lord, placing him in the care of Eli, the priest.

The Bible tells us that Eli’s sons were known by all to be wicked men who did not know the Lord. Things were so evil, that because of the wickedness of Eli’s sons, and because he allowed it to continue in the house of God, one of Samuel’s first tasks was to tell Eli, his mentor, that God had judged his family for this reason. After Eli and his sons die as a result of God’s judgment, Samuel was then recognized as Israel’s new spiritual leader.

Samuel in his lifetime was a priest, a prophet, and one of Israel’s greatest judges, also anointing two kings of Israel. He continued to serve the Lord all the days of his life and because of his obvious close relationship with the one true God, always having the best interest of the people at heart, the people of Israel turned from their false gods and returned to the Lord.

Kevin and Crystal then lead listeners through two life application lessons that we can draw from the faithful service of Samuel and apply to our own lives as Christians.

Next week- Please join us next week when we take a closer look into Israel’s first king and the lessons we can learn from his downfall.


Resources referenced or recommended for further study:


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