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Nobody Doesn't Like Sarah Lee with The Real Kathy LeeMy sweet Sarah Lee. I thought it would be fun to have my youngest daughter, Sarah on the show today. Fun fact about Sarah, when she was born we named her Sarah Elizabeth. Her sister and I wanted to call her by the nickname Ellie and so we did. However, when Sarah turned five she looked at me and wanted to know why we called her Ellie if her name was Sarah. I tried to explain to her that Ellie was a beautiful nickname, but she would have no part in it. From that moment on she demanded to be called Sarah. All of her monograms and nametags had to be replaced. Do you know how hard that is for a girl from the south?

Anyway, Sarah shares her journey of homeschooling and her advice for moms of teenagers today. I am fortunate to have a great relationship with all of my kids and really believe it is because I have always given them permission to express their feelings and try my best to just listen when they need to talk. Sarah has quite a bit of wisdom for a young teenager; I think this week is definitely worth a listen.

BTW- Sarah mentioned her school on the show today. You can find out more about Artios @ I don’t think Sarah mentioned that she cheers for a homeschool football league (The 2017 National Champs, I might add). You can learn more about them at  I also mentioned that I am reading a fantastic book called The Leader Without a Title, by Robin Sharma. I recommend this book for all moms. Many of the things mentioned in this book apply to us as we are leading our children in education and life.

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