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new SAT all about mathSAT Test – All About Math with Jean Burk

Podcast 41

Did you know that every test on the math portion of the SAT test can be answered in thirty seconds or less? Did you know that on one portion you can not use a calculator? Did you know certain calculators are banned? In this podcast Jean Burk shares answers to these questions and more.

Show Notes – SAT Test – All About Math

  1. New SAT takes 80 minutes – 25 minutes with no calculator and 55 minutes you can use a calculator.
  2. Approved calculators
  3. What is the question asking you?
  4. The test consists of Algebra, Advanced Math, Geometry (less than on the previous version), Scatter plots, Coordinates, Story Problems, Probability, Trig – only a few questions, etc.
  5. Circle the key element? Set up the problem.
  6. You CAN write in the booklet – it says so on the front page of the booklet.
  7. Figures are not drawn to scale – listen to the audio for instructions on how to tackle these problems.
  8. If you have no figure or chart draw one.
  9. The SAT is redesigned and has sections of multiple choice with four choices, the idea is to eliminate the incorrect answers. Looking at the questions and trying to find the answer or vice-versa is what students commonly do – the best math test tip is to look at the answer and the question as one entity.
  10. Minimize calculations to save time –double check by looking at it backwards.
  11. Know math terminology so you know what the question asks – tangent, product, integer, etc.

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