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all about reading - new SATAll About Reading on the SAT TEST with Jean Burk

What is the new SAT reading section about? How much changed? What type of questions are on the test. In this podcast In this episode it is all about reading on the SAT test — Jean shares some of her best tips with you – she teaches this in detail in her classes here – join one of her live classes or get the information you need now – on her website with digital products ready to go!

Show Notes: The New SAT – All About the Reading Section. 

Jean Burk’s best tips:

What are the four hidden patterns to look for … read below.

You don’t have to read every line in the reading section unlike what other SAT programs tell you.

You need to  look at the questions in the right order –

  • Long passage
  • Dual passage

Types of questions on the tests

  • line citation
  • vocabulary use
  • overall passage
  • command of evidence
  • chart question

Mistakes students make –

  1. Read and analyze all passages and begin interpreting and analyzing it – no!
  2. Don’t take the questions literally – yes, on the SAT take the question literally
  3. Not understanding this is not a content-based test
  4. Not realizing this is a logic test – important to look for the patterns
  5. Read the passage and go to find the right answer

Four Hidden Patterns:

C – Completely Irrelevant

O – Obscure or Confusing

A – Adds extra stuff

T – Totally Contradictory

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