ABC’s of SAT Test Scores

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SAT Test ScoresThe ABC’s of SAT Test Scores with Jean Burke

Podcast #27

Are you ready to cut through the red tape and get to the bottom of what all those SAT test scores mean? What is a good SAT or PSAT test score? When do you need to retake the SAT test? What do you do with the SAT scores once you have them and what is a super-score? All this and more with Jean Burke, the creator of the award winning college prep genius course! Let’s learn the ABC’s of SAT test scores.

Jean Burke is an award-winning author and creator of College Prep Genius

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Show Notes for the ABC’s of SAT Test Scores 

  1. What makes up a good test score?
    • The new revised SAT comes out in March 2016 and that test score will be a composite of the Math portion worth 800 points and the Reading and Writing Portion worth 800 points. The writing is optional but Jean recommends students complete that portion of the test as it will help with college entrance. That test will be scored with the highest attainable of 8/ 8/ 8
  2. What is the highest score you can have on the revised SAT?
  3. When should you retake the test?
  4. How late can you take the test if you are a highschool senior?
  5. What do you do with the scores when you are done?
  6. What is a “super-score” and how do you get this?
  7. What if you make a mistake? Can this be fixed?
  8. Misinformation in articles currently being circulated explaines.

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