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 save our families-vintagehomeschoolmoms.comLet’s Talk About How We Can … Save Our Families with Effective Communication!

Podcast #98

Join Felice and Meredith as they discuss ways to save our families by communicating well, with your spouse, your children, friends and even online. Are you having difficulty in this area? We are here to help you. In this episode, Meredith and Felice with ten kids between the two and over 30+ years of marriage share the ups and downs in married and family life.

How can you communicate well? The discuss what communication means to them as well as ways you can improve in sharing your thoughts and ideas with you family.

Topics Covered:

  1. Communication Overview
  2. Save our families – spouse and communicating with love
  3. Save our families – kids and communicating truth and listening
  4. Save our friendships on and off-line – friends and social media



Additional discussion:

  1. Underlying issues – control freak
  2. No set formula
  3. Lie-based thinking
  4. Building good relationships
  5. Small clean-up instruction – direction that works
  6. Keep friendships in perspective
  7. Online – warning on discussions and communicating

This is the first in a series of podcasts on – in this series Felice will discuss these topics:

Fighting? Solutions That Work – in this episode she will discuss how to communicate effectively with your spouse.

Angry Kids – in this episode Felice will discuss children that do not communicate well, ways to help them say what they mean as well as dealing with anger issues that come from dealing with a hostile child.

Friends and Social Media – Communicating well online and with your friends.

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