Say What You Mean With Love

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Say What You Mean with LoveSay What You Mean with Love with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast # 184

It is easy to say what you mean, but not so much when you say what you mean with love. Your relationships and conversations are an important part of your family life, yet often it falls apart when other factors come into play.


The critical spirit is pervasive – some people tend to be more critical than others and that is something we need to pray against. We are complex individuals with many God given talents but being critical isn’t one of them. If you tend to be in this category you will have a harder time speaking in love…but it is possible!

The five-point strategy for saying what you mean with love…



  1. Never speak when angry
  2. Be prepared
  3. Recurring situations – address individually – no score cards
  4. We can agree to disagree
  5. Plant Seeds – reap the harvest


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