Scheduling: Homeschooling, The First Year

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Hey, homeschoolers!

This week I’m talking with some of our new homeschoolers about schedules — another key to homeschooling success. Before we do, I want to thank my sponsor, Apologia. Apologia’s materials have been a blessing to me and my children for years. They’re more than just science. They’re apologetics, planners, and even language arts curriculum providers. Visit them at and join me for a brand new product release and giveaway on Tuesday, September 5th at 4E/3C/2M/1P at or catch the replay in the show notes.

Only two of our new homeschoolers were able to join me to chat this month. Why? Because life happens, especially at this busy time of year. I did connect with Jolene via email and she had this to say about her assignments of focusing on goals and devotions this month:

I haven’t started [homeschooling] yet. Public school starts [the day after Labor Day] and I plan to start then…
I’m pretty confident  I can do this for the first month or so; it’s the consistency that I’m nervous about. That’s where my goal comes in.  I am praying for a good start so it’ll be easier to develop good habits.  
As far as devotions go, I have still not been consistent, but instead of getting down on myself, I have decided that I’m going to “just do it.” This means that if I start thinking ” I should be reading my Bible more,” I [will] just pull my Bible out and start reading right then and there! 
I love Jolene’s strategy. Listen to the podcast to hear from Courtney and Mai Lyn.
Thank you so much to these ladies for taking time out of their busy schedules to chat with me. To follow along with their homework, track your routine this month and begin to make small changes. Don’t be discouraged when the routine or schedule isn’t perfect. It never will be!
Thanks again to this episode’s sponsor, Apologia — not just a Christian homeschool resource provider, but our homeschool friends. Visit them at
Have a happy homeschool week!

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