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Schooling Out of the Box with Holly Giles of The Giles FrontierWhat happens when life throws you a curve ball and you suspect that you need to throw out your entire school plan? Holly Giles knows what happens, you throw the plan out the window.  If you have ever considered schooling out of the box, you will not want to miss this episode. Holly shares openly about their medical scare, how this rocked her homeschooling world and how their family is thriving today.

Holly was so moved by her children’s success with out of the box style learning that she decided to create The Giles Frontier. The Giles Frontier is perfect for families who need an alternative to big box curriculum. This nature-based program meets children where they are during the elementary years and encourages whole family learning.

You can learn more about Holly and the Giles Frontier at and you can also connect with Holly on social media at The Giles Frontier.

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