Science Labs on a Budget

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Tried and True Science Labs |Tried and true science labs depend on good equipment but also a good curriculum. |j #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #teachingsciencelabs

Science Labs on a Shoestring Budget

Want to do science at home? Tried and true science labs are finally easy to do at home. With labs on a shoe-string budget, you will find the information you need to stock your science lab at home.

What is contained in a tried and true science lab?

All purpose science kit.

Biology Kit

Chemistry Kit

Physics Kit

Tips on keeping all of your materials organized.

Where to purchase “real” science equipment.

Science labs depend on good equipment but also a good curriculum. This book has hundreds of recommended books and many are available in libraries.

Tried and true lab sheets!

An added bonus to this book contains blank science experiment sheets – we’ve used these over the years with our children and hundreds of children have used them in science labs I’ve hosted. These lab sheets will keep the kid’s notes organized and are great for science lab notebooks.

Author and publisher, Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, Inc. will discuss tried and true science labs to incorporate science labs within the home – this presentation is taken from her book, Teaching Science and Having Fun.







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