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There are secrets for moms you are most likely unaware of, even if you’ve been a mom for years! You are a rock star, even if you never sing on stage! And you are amazing, even if you never tour Europe. You are special because of who you are, not what you do!

Secrets For Mom

A special gift from Felice ~ keep reading to learn more!

Mother's Day Secrets | Little known secrets for mom, that even we forget! | #homeschoolblog #blogformoms #mothersday #mothersdaytips

I am blessed to have a group of wonderful friends who are committed to their faith and family. These ladies are strong and a good example of what motherhood is supposed to look like, and believe me, it is not what you read online! Motherhood is self-giving, and it is also a fulfillment of what God has called you to do. Behind every powerful CEO, president, and other powerful “leader” is a mother. This person is responsible for the life of that important person. My mother has been gone for over twenty years, yet her impact on my life is stunning.

My mother said there was nothing I could not do; she encouraged me in my aspirations, whatever they might be. I loved to draw, and she encouraged this and had me paint landscapes of Italy for their Italian restaurant, side note, I’m not that good! Mothers are wonderful and work so hard, often neglected and misunderstood! So, as my mom would say, “What are you waiting for? Do something about it.”

Why do we wait for others to give us accolades we do not want? Most of us want to be appreciated – a simple thank-you suffices. Let your family know, and you will be surprised; they will respond well! Recently, one of my adult children gave me an unasked critique about my decision, and I happily shared, “That is the great thing about being an adult. I can finally make my own decisions on my own and with your father’s input, and that is all that matters. But thanks for weighing in!”

Often we stay silent and take the criticism and complaints. You know your family best, but often we need to realign expectations (theirs, not ours).  I want to share with you some secrets about womanhood and what makes you special, treasured, and revered!

Secrets For Mom #1

You are more than what you do; you are a person created in the image of God.

The word “special” is hard to remember in the everyday bustle of kids, school, and household activities. But you ARE SPECIAL and PRECIOUS. Get right with your God; your faith should be first, then your spouse and kids. A relationship with God will help you tremendously in this walk we call life!

Secrets For Mom #2

Relationships matter. Your relationship with your spouse is important.

After a relationship with the Almighty, the relationship with your spouse is next. We often put our kids before our spouses because they need us, right? They do, but without a good foundation of two, it makes raising children more difficult. It is hard to see the bigger picture. Once the kids are grown, many relationships fall apart. Invest in your spouse and work together as a team. Easier said than done (ask me how I know).

Secrets For Mom #3

Nothing in life is perfect, so quit expecting it in your motherhood and how you parent.

We never think we are doing the best we can; we are tired and sometimes frustrated by situations out of our control. Remember the old saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” And for the record, I dislike the word, ain’t. We can’t make our kids happy – in fact, only God can make a person happy. So, do your best, parent with love, and let go of the rest.

Secrets For Mom #4

Don’t forget your identity.

Who were you before you met your husband, before you got married before you had children? Do you even remember this person? Perhaps she was optimistic, spontaneous, or had high hopes for a long-held goal. That person is still there! This means don’t forget yourself in the midst of caring for your family. It may mean putting some of your dreams and goals on hold, but it is worth it!

Secrets For Mom #4

Your goals are still there, the timeline may change, and that’s okay!

There is always time to meet your goals or work if you desire. Maybe you have a job or a part-time job. My part-time job is “at our home,” in my husband’s words. My hobby got out of hand, and I realized I needed to scale back on speaking commitments and focus on my home first. It was difficult to give up speaking engagements, but it was the best choice for my family in the long run. My business survived, my kids thrived, and I realized I had time to write and publish but at a slower rate. I’m still at it (Media Angels, founded in 1995, is still in business with the original owner, me!)

Secrets For Mom #5

When needed, call in the troops.

During different times in my life, I needed help. Whether it was spiritually, emotionally, or physically. I had to round up my family and share that I was stressed and needed them! I spoke at an online conference and sold hundreds of books. This meant shipping. I had to ask everyone to pitch in, pack-ship, and double-check to be sure we didn’t make mistakes. It actually brought us all together, and my kids said later they were impressed because they knew I was an author and wrote books; they just didn’t realize I sold so many. (Insert head shake here!)

Motherhood never stops. As I write this, my daughter is in the hospital waiting for an emergency C-section (her first one, but her ninth child). My granddaughter’s 16th birthday is a day away, and my daughter was concerned, from her hospital bed, that she wouldn’t be there for Samantha’s birthday! This is what we do, we mothers. On the other hand, I worry for my daughter, but I will ensure my granddaughter is pampered and spoiled on her birthday!

God Has You in the Palm of His Hand

I pray that if you are discouraged or feel abandoned, you realize I AM HERE FOR YOU! Come over to our Facebook podcast family page, send me an email or know I am praying for you. Believe me when I say while it is nice to receive the accolades of others, you must be confident in the knowledge that God has you in the palm of His hand, even if it doesn’t feel that way!


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