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Secrets Uncovered SAT and ACTSecrets Uncovered SAT and ACT with Jean Burk

Podcast #59

Did you know some deep down, low and dirty secrets to the SAT and ACT that the test makers don’t want you to know? In this episode, Jean Burk continues to reveal information that will help you gain a higher score on the tests used for college entrance. This is the last podcast in the series of secrets uncovered. To obtain all twenty-three, listen to podcast one here and podcast two here, and three in the series, here.

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Show Notes: Secrets Uncovered for the SAT and ACT

The number one complaint is Nobody told me, or they told me the wrong information! There are so many missed amazing opportunities because of the wrong information that was given – use accurate sources – find out the truth …when it comes to your student.

ACT is the American college test

SAT use to mean – Scholastic Aptitude Test – now it just means SAT

  1. The SAT partnered with two big companies – first of all the college board needed to stay relevant – partnered with Kahn academy – online education site to offer free press prep to college students. Collegeboard claim all you need to do well study high school information (not true) – also combat the misconception that only the rich can afford college prep programs. Therefore, they did the partnership. Since they are standardized tests. You will not learn short cuts and strategies to ace the tests. Kahn academy is great for various subject matters.

ACT teamed up with Kaplan for 8-11th graders – some students can qualify for fee waivers. It is full of ads for Kaplan programs – introduces core concepts to ACT – encourage social interaction with social media – take your weak points to your counsellor for advice. Not going to help students raise their scores.

  1. New college entrance test emerged that is a game changer – CLT – Classic Learning Test – Jeremy Tate – Jean met with him – this test is an alternative. This test is taken at a proctored environment on the student’s own device – same date results. The richness of the western intellectual traditions. Not aligned with Common Core standards. Every week more colleges adopt this test. They would like 10% of the market. Sept, Nov, Feb, May –scholarship money is attached to the test
    1. Math
    2. Reading
    3. Writing

120 questions – one minute per question. You can move back and forth among sections! You can start with the section you are good on and spend more time on other sections not your best area. Partnered with College Prep Genius – they commit to moral reasoning and intellectual purist — clt9 or clt10 – similar to PSAT – recommendations is only College Prep Genius – CPG – Jean Burk!!

  1. Don’t be fooled by test optional labeled schools – SAT and ACT dropped from college entrance equation. However, these articles failed to mention or writer’s left out these schools that are not requiring SAT or ACT are specialized schools. They have their own entrance exams. If a student is looking to get scholarship money – still need to turn in an ACT or SAT for money.

US news and world report – Princeton or Havard –

Three dirty little secrets test prep companies don’t want you to know…

  1. Some companies use pre-diagnostic test – they will create their own tests. These tests are very hard. Once the student does horrible – they take the program and then take a much easier test is given and they do well. They think they’ve improved. The test is irrelevant test and it is not a fair assessment. And it will not help the students on the actual tests.

Standardized logic tests with recurring patterns – once you learned how to read the questions carefully with – use actual SAT and ACT tests  – you can not take a “made up” company test to do well.

  1. Test prep market is competitive. Prices can vary from hundreds to thousands to five-digits – testimonials are powerful. They can be the determining factor. Finding reliable testimonials. You can buy sophomore PSAT scores – you can take the list and find students who scored high. Give them free tests. The company will brag that they students did well because they took the program. Some kids are good test taking naturally and would have done well anyway. Be careful of testimonials. If you are really helping kids who need the help offer test free to those who scored low –


  1. There are arrangements in some schools that only offer and endorse a particular program, they get a kickback in exchange for students who enroll in their class. This financial relationship is unethical. If someone only promotes one program it is a red flag. Sam Walton of test prep – on the Jim Bohannon Show


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