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Serving Homeschoolers…

Great news, we are celebrating eight years of serving homeschoolers! And we have presents for you!

Homeschool podcasters are plentiful, in fact, each week it seems like a new podcast is cropping up! Yet, we’ve been here slow and steady for years, ever since 2013. And, our podcasters are still producing amazing shows, just for you!

Invitation Only ~

Our podcasters have been specially selected and privately invited, by me, Felice Gerwitz the website owner and founder of Media Angels, Inc. Often podcasters or potential podcasters contact me, but there are many steps that lead up to admission onto this platform. What am I looking for? Podcasters with a heart for families.

Our podcasters are industry leaders. we have the millions of downloads to prove it and YOU, our audience has been such a blessing to us, over the years. So… in celebration, I want to share a little about our special podcasters and some of the prizes they are offering.

Podcasters Serving Homeschoolers

Many of our podcasters are homeschool families or have completed their homeschool journey. They serve the homeschool community as authors, speakers and often attend conferences near you. They are knowledgeable and share their information freely. The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network is 100% free. We serve the homeschool community by giving away our knowledge, book and curriculum advice, parenting, and basically the tools that help you and your family. For example, each month a new Character Planner is custom created and available for download for our email list. Just by signing up to receive a weekly email, you get a new planner each month. And, if you missed the last year, they are available for sale on my Media Angels website. .

***Star Ratings Help!***

How can you bless us back? By giving our podcasts a star rating on your favorite podcast app. You can access apps by phone or tablet. This helps us to be found by other families seeking quality family-friendly podcasts. And it is a way you can say, thank you for all your work!

Winning and Freebies Below:

What about the prizes? Well, for this birthday celebration I wanted to do something different. So, while you can enter the Rafflecopter below for the bigger prize, one winner will be selected randomly for each of the prizes below. Some of our podcasters are offering ONE prize and to win, please comment below why you would like to win the prize and what the prize is, for example, I’d like to win the Media Angels Membership Forever Bundle. Prizes are listed below.

Let’s Talk about our podcasters and their prizes and freebies.

Vintage Homeschool Moms hosted by Felice Gerwitz is the flagship and oldest podcast on the network with more than 450 episodes. I host different series throughout the year. Some are curriculum-focused, parent-focused, and even a new, “Just for Kids” series, where I talk directly to the kids. Sign up to receive a freebie Character Planner, this month the planner is on the topic of compassion, here.  One winner gets the Ultimate 12-Month planner details here. [Post in the comments why you want to win this prize.]

Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age, sponsored by the True North Homeschool Academy with special hosts, Lisa Nehring, and regular appearances by (husband), Dr. David Nehring. This show focuses on soft skills that are so important in today’s marketplace and beyond school, yet are rarely discussed. Lisa is giving away one Performance Series Test ($34 value) [Post in the comments why you want to win this prize.] Chat with Lisa on Instagram here.

College Prep Genius with host Jean Burk. The college prep insights you need for free college. Yes, Jean shares her tips for test taking and wonderful advice for all things college. Visit Jean’s website for online classes and seminars. One winner gets a $25 gift card, share why you would like this gift! Visit Jean on her Facebook Page.

The Homeschool Highschool Podcast with Vicki Tillman, Sabrina Justison, and special guests! Tune in for all things high school! Curriculum-focused and helpful no matter what your high school issue. They are giving away a freebie, Tips for Grading and Writing on their website. One special winner will get Unit Studies Based on Popular Movies, check it out here. Please share below why you would like to win!

Homeschooling with Technology with host Meryl van der Merwe, teaches moms, dads and the kids all about technology. Short cuts, great apps and so much more. She has online classes and web-based unit studies she teaches at FundaFunda Visit with Meryl on her Instagram Page here.

Crunchy Christian Podcast hosted by Julie Polanco who is a trained herbalist and shares wellness and nutrition with her listeners. Connect with Julie on her YouTube page here.

The Homeschool Sanity Show with host Melanie Wilson, a Christian psychologist, and long-time homeschool mom. Melanie’s topics range from homeschooling, organization, parenting and so much more. She keeps the crazy out of homeschooling with timely tips. Connect with Melanie on her Instagram Page here. She is giving away one audiobook version one of the three Grammar Galaxy Texts. Check it out here. [Post in the comments why you want to win this prize.]

Making Biblical Family Life Practical with hosts Hal and Melanie Young. Big family life and boys is the focus of this fun podcast with our southern hosts! Everything from parenting to dealing with sensitive family issues. Visit the website at Raising Real Men.  Get the freebie – President Tales here.  Want to win a prize? Tell us why you want to win One free Craftsman Crate. The Woodburning Crate has a 39.97 value, this is a subscription box that builds skills and teaches artisanal craft skills using real tools! And chat with Melanie and Hal on Instagram here.

Homeopathy for Mommies with host Sue Myers is your one-stop podcast for everything health and wellness. Sue shares her wisdom on readily available remedies and advice for healthy living. You can visit Sue on her website at HomeopathyForMommiesfor her classes and events.

Creation Science Podcast hosted by Felice Gerwitz along with special guests shares information about scientific creationism. This podcast will be picking up again in the fall! Listen to the archives. Check out Felice’s creation books here for birthday sale prices.

Finish Well Podcast hosted by Meredith Curtis and friends! This show deals with heart issues of homeschooling and the focus is on families and teens. Meredith is giving away some free downloads and you can get them by visiting her website, PowerlineProdFind Meredith on her Pinterest Page here.

Family Renewal Podcast: with hosts Israel and Brooke Wayne. Big family life, raising children and empowering a generation of homeschoolers to serve the Lord. Many wonderful podcasts for you and your family. Freebie – download the audio the history of the homeschool movement here. Connect with Israel on Facebook here  and Instagram @FamilyRenewal

Homeschool CPA hosted by Carol Topp, CPA. Carol started her show with Dollars and Sense and there are many shows that focus on education and money matters for families and teens. She also works with non-profits and the Homeschool CPA focuses on questions many co-ops and homeschool organizations have concerning issues that no one else covers. Carol’s website is here. Check out her books!

Giveaway Below! Rafflecopter … and don’t forget to leave your comments about why you want to win prizes!
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  1. Serena Wade-Harrington says

    I would like to win the woodburning crate for my 12 year old son. He is interested in hands on activities but needs them to be structured for him. This looks like a perfect fit.

    • Jerri-Lynn DeGayner says

      I just stumbled across your site today and am so glad I did! Looks like a lot of helpful information. Can’t wait to dig in!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for all your hard work and freebies!

    I’d love the performance test because I’ve never tested my boys and want to make sure they are learning what they need to. Also to get used to taking a test!

    I’d love the craftsman create because I have all boys and they need something cool to keep busy!!

  3. Tonya Sinner says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I look forward to the freebie planner every month! I truly appreciate these extra things for homeschooling. I would love to win the planner for a year as this would help plan my year out without all the prep, because homeschooling and planning is difficult.

  4. Love your podcasts! I’ve been listening for years. I’d like the performance test for my 13 year old to give her a step toward her bright future. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Serena Wade-Harrington says

    I would like to win the Ultimate 12-Month planner because I enjoy the character planners and think these would be interesting as well.

  6. Happy Birthday! Congrats & thanks!

  7. Shannon Alexander says

    I would love to win the woodburning craftsman crate. I have two boys and a nephew who would all love to try wood burning.

  8. Shannon Alexander says

    Out of these podcasts the only one I’ve really listened to (so far, I will be looking into the rest) is Hal and Melanie Young. I love their wisdom, especially on raising boys.

  9. Congratulations yall.this is awesome
    I would truly love the planner…i need tons of help in that area.
    Blessings and thank you

  10. Congrats on 8 years. You guys will be around for a long time. With so many great options for everyone it’s easy to see why.

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