Setting Up a Science Lab in Your Homeschool

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Setting up a science lab in your homeschool on a shoestring budget in no time at all.

Setting Up a Science Lab in Your Homeschool

Experiments don’t have to come from ready made kits. You can be about the business of setting up a science lab in your homeschool.

There are many great experiment books that require materials you can find at home. For example, your an make an electric motor using magnets, batteries, cork, pins, a knitting needle, copper wire, clay, a small base of wood, a knife, and tacks. Most of us have these things in our home. A ready made kit isn’t ncessary.

Plan to organize your science lab supplies

There are many sources for lab supplies, but my favorites are the do-it-yourself kind.  You can use tackle boxes, plastic totes, and even pencil boxes to store your lab supplies. Keeping these items on hand saves money in the long run.

Finding materials for your homeschool science lab

There are many places you can find even the hardest to find materials. The hardware store, an arts supply store, an electronics store, and of course- Amazon. But, what do you buy? What do you need to have on hand?

Lab equipment on a shoestring budget…

  1. large magnifying glass
  2. eye droppers
  3. coffee filter paper
  4. thermometer
  5. labels
  6. candles
  7. baby food jars
  8. spice jars
  9. heat-proof measuring cups
  10. measuring spoons
  11. a balance
  12. kitchen scale
  13. funnels
  14. sieve
  15. timing device
  16. metal spoon
  17. scissors
  18. sharp knife
  19. small brushes
  20. string
  21. paper
  22. pencils

Biology, chemistry, and physics use the above list and additional specialized equipment. A non-comprehensive list includes:

  • tweezers
  • sharp metal pick
  • plastic tubing
  • flashlight
  • microscope
  • dissecting kits
  • petri dishes
  • Bunsen burner
  • safety goggles

For a comprehensive list, I recommend my book, Teaching Science and Having Fun.

Creating a Safe Place for your Homeschool Science Lab

While much can be done at the kitchen table, there are some special considerations to take when performing experiments and setting up your lab. I recommend:

  • a clutter free space that is well lit
  • the kitchen or bathroom sink ready with soap, water, towels, and free of dishes, etc.
  • keeping a basket with emergency things such as a small fire extinguisher, eye wash,  goggles, and non-latex gloves
  • kitty litter to get spills up quickly
  • a chemical mask
  • a basic first aid kit
  • a carpet free flooring

Setting up a science lab in your homeschool doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With a little planning you can have one ready to go!

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