Protecting Kids From Explicit Material

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Hey, homeschoolers! This is one of the topics I have been asked to talk about over the years but I’ve frankly avoided. Not only can it cause problems with website and social media platforms that flag the posts but there are strong opinions about the issue. I don’t like wading into controversial waters if I can help it.

But then I met Kristen Miele at the Great Homeschool Conventions who was speaking about this very issue. I was so impressed with her background and her message that is grounded in research AND the gospel, that I invited her to be a guest on the podcast. We will discuss how we can protect our kids from the harmful effects of pornography with sex education. This is an earbuds episode, though the content is not graphic.

Kristen Miele has been educating youth on the topic of sex for nearly 15 years. She has experience teaching ages 3 and up on content related to sex and sexuality. She is the founder and owner of Sex Ed Reclaimed and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Community Health from the University of Illinois. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist. Kristen has one daughter, Emma Joy and has been married to Anthony since 2012. They live in Columbus, Ohio. Here’s my chat with Kristen.


Kristen Miele shares her journey into sex education and discusses the challenges of protecting children from pornography. She emphasizes the importance of starting early and having open conversations with kids about healthy relationships, puberty, and the dangers of pornography. Kristen has created resources, including age-appropriate videos and workbooks, to help parents educate their children about sex in a God-honoring way. She encourages parents to reclaim sex education and be proactive in teaching their kids before the culture does.

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