She’s Such A Drama Queen

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drama queenShe’s Such a Drama Queen!

This podcast explores the root causes of why children act out  and some solutions children that seem to get out of control.

What Causes a Drama Queen?

This child is typically labeled a Drama Queen or King. The classic response from parents is frustration and aggravation at such emotional responses to seemingly minor circumstances. Most people try to calm the highly charged environment by attempting to reason with the child or redirecting but often get sucked into reacting with an emotional response themselves. At this point it is a viscous cycle of reaction added to reaction which makes it hard for everyone involved. Sound familiar?

Jan Bedell, the Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, is here to help you look through “neurodevelopmental eyes” at what might be the root cause of all this hub bub around your house. Joining Jan today is Ruth Young, a 10 year veteran NeuroDevelopmentalist, certified teacher and home school mom of five. Ruth will be sharing her experience with a Drama Queen and the neurodevelopmental solutions she found that changed her daughter’s future.

Also learn:

  • How low processing can contribute to emotionality
  • Causes of emotional immaturity
  • Mixed dominance impairs rational processing leading to living in a heightened emotional state
  • To reduce frustration over math fact errors or lack of math fact mastery

Next week we will be exploring the topic: The Absent Minded Professor. This is the kiddo that is very smart but you wonder if s/he might be labeled ADD or ADHD if tested. This information is also relevant for children with labels such as dyslexia, autism and struggling learners. Remember, the solution is not in the problems so listen this and every week for solutions that change lives.

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