Small Churches Are A Blessing for Homeschooling Families

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #155, Small Churches Are A Blessing for Homeschooling Families, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkSmall Churches Are A Blessing for Homeschooling Families

In “Small Churches are A Blessing for Homeschooling Families,” Episode, #155, Meredith Curtis explains the benefits of small churches to Christian homeschooling families since most Americans go to a small church. These benefits include relationships, age integration, opportunities to serve, and internships/electives.




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Show Notes

The average church building holds about 200 people with only about 65 people in attendance.

Since 2000, the average congregation size has gone from 140 to 65 people on a Sunday.

A small church is typically between 25 to 200 people. But, 60% of church goers attend a church with less than 75 members.

Here are five reasons small churches benefit homeschooling families.


Lives are Changed in the Context of Relationships

Knowing Your Pastor

True Fellowship

Age Integration

Age Segregation is NOT Biblical

Age Segreation Leads to Self-Centeredness

Age Integration Enriches Us with Relational Skills, Fun, Wisdom, and Empathy

Opportunities to Serve

Room for Everyone

Greeting, Sunday School, Nursery, Sound Team, Powerpoint, Worship Team, Ushering, Hospitality, Hosting Church Events, Planning Church Events, Administration

These Opportunities Cultivate/Develop Life Skills/Soft Skills

These Opportunities Cultivate a Servant’s Heart


Possibilities: Pastoral Assistant, Administration, Worship Leader Assistant, Leadership


Sound Technology

Child Development

The Great Commission

Bible Classes

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