Snake Bites and Homeopathy

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This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer ND CCH talks about snake bites and lists a few good remedies to keep in your bag in case of emergencies when you go hiking in the woods. #snakebite #homeopathy #naturalremediesforsnakebite #survivalmedicineThis week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer ND CCH talks about snake bites and a few good remedies to keep in your bag in case of emergencies when you go hiking in the woods. If you or your family plan to go hiking or live in an area where poisonous snakes live, this podcast is a must. You will learn about snakebites and how to use homeopathy to counter the effects of a bite.

Snake Bites can have a profound affect upon the body. Venomous (poisonous) snake bites are bites or a puncture wound made by a snake that is capable of injecting, secreting, or spitting a toxin into the penetrated skin wound or, mucus membranes or the eyes where the toxin can be absorbed.

According to

In North America, there are about 25 species of snakes able to secrete toxin. Any type of venomous snake bite can cause Pain, injury or even death.

About 7,000 snake bites are reported in the US per year, but because snake bites are not required to be reported, it is estimated that up to 45,000 bites per year may occur with about 8,000 by poisonous snakes. The most common venomous snakes in the US are:

rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths/water moccasins, and coral snakes.

The symptoms of a venomous snakebite depend on the type of toxin(s) secreted into the bite or puncture wound, and in part, on how much toxin is present in the tissue. The types of symptoms produced can be grouped into four groups:

  • Cardiotoxins: act on heart tissue
  • Neurotoxins: act on nervous system tissue
  • Cytotoxins: act on tissue at the site of the bite or on tissue that directly absorbs the toxin
  • Hemotoxins: act on the blood coagulation system and may cause internal bleeding

Some toxins may cause more than one of these effects. Because of the various symptoms that can occur with venomous snake bites, the potential signs and symptoms to look for, as listed by the CDC include the following:

  • A pair of puncture marks at the wound
  • Redness and swelling around the bite
  • Severe pain at the site of the bite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Labored breathing (in extreme cases, breathing may stop altogether)
  • Disturbed vision
  • Increased salivation and sweating
  • Numbness or tingling around the face and/or limbs

Symptoms from these toxins are somewhat variable and may occur quickly or they may be delayed for hours, depending on the toxin type and the amount absorbed. In general, small children are more vulnerable to snake bites because the relative larger amount of toxin absorbed in relation to their smaller body size can make the toxin effect more potent.

In Homeopathy, we treat the symptoms. It is helpful to know the color or to have a description of the snake, in case further medical treatment is needed. But with homeopathy, it is comforting to know that a remedy can quickly trigger the body to understand what it is fighting and that it needs to quickly begin rejecting the toxic poison and begin to heal.

Remedies Sue Mentioned in the podcast:

  • Ammonium Causticum
  • Cedron; Rattlesnake Bean.
  • Crotalus horr.
  • Echinacea angustifolia
  • Lachesis; Bushmaster snake
  • Ledum
  • Vipera Berus

These are available by special order on Sue’s website.


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