Teaching Social Skills In Your Homeschool

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Hey, homeschoolers, we know we aren’t weird and unsocialized as a popular blog implies, but you might wonder if we are weirder than kids in public school. I was relieved when my oldest son, after having been in a public high school for a few weeks, told me that he thought that the public school kids were just as weird as homeschoolers.

We know that our kids can benefit from having good social skills. Here’s why we should teach social skills directly in our homeschool and here are some practical tips for doing just that.


In this conversation, Melanie Wilson discusses the importance of teaching social skills to homeschoolers. She addresses the misconception that homeschoolers are weirder than public school kids and emphasizes the benefits of good social skills, such as reduced anxiety and future success. Melanie provides reasons why social skills should be included in the homeschool curriculum. She also suggests creating a plan, teaching in a family or group setting, and using multiple modalities. Melanie introduces her Training Aliens curriculum as a story-based approach to teaching social and emotional skills.

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