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solar eclipseSolar Eclipse Shows The Glory of God

The solar eclipse has been talked about in anticipation for years and not just by scientists. Many people are planning to watch, some on the optimal path to witness this event, first-hand and others virtually.

I remember watching the lunar eclipse as a child. My dad was an astronomy buff. He loved the ocean – he was a sailor as a young man, but he equally loved the sky. “In the sea, you sometimes see the fury of God, but in the stars, you see His glory,” he’d say. He took us to see the Apollo 11, the spaceship that had a lunar rover that landed on the moon. We’d get up early in the morning to watch the spot in the sky which was the rocket(s) take off — depending on which Apollo spacecraft we could see from our house. We lived in the middle of the state of Florida, yet visited the Kennedy Space Center many times. The space center is even hosting a viewing of the solar eclipse.

However, even with the science behind it, and the excitement in anticipation of the event, what really comes to my mind when I consider this event is Almighty God. The glory of God to be exact. In the vastness of the night sky, we realize how small we are–just a dot on the planet.

Psalm 19: 1 summarizes it beautifully – “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” 

God created lunar and solar eclipses – they are a handiwork of His wonderful creation. We see the vastness of the earth dwarfed by the sun – that allows our earth flourish. Think about this; the sun is in the perfect place, not too far away and not too close. The same with the moon. The solar eclipse demonstrates how far away the sun is, in comparison to our planet.

For me, the idea of witnessing the eclipse safely is important. Even if I had the safety, approved glasses I would not look at the sun during this eclipse. My eyesight is too precious – as well as that of my family. This is how I recommend watching the solar eclipse:

  1. Nasa Live streaming:  Nasa live streaming
  2. See how the solar eclipse will look in your area – add your zip code to learn more
  3. If you still want to see the eclipse here are instructions from a trusted source, NASA

Thanks to the wonderful universe that God created, we can witness these types of miraculous occurrences. Observer them safely!


  1. We watched the NASA live stream!

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