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Soldier Lessons | What are soldier lessons? These are things we can learn from soldiers and apply to our lives. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #lessonsforkids #justforkids #podcastforkids #lifelessons #miltarylifelesson #mentalstrength #tipsforkidsSoldier Lessons ~ Just For Kids ~ Episode 493 | Special Replay

What are soldier lessons? These are things we can learn from soldiers and apply to our lives. The military men and women are tough and become tough through training and the ideals of protecting others. They give of themselves for noble causes. In this JUST for Kids episode, we can learn from the men and women that serve our country.

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Do you know a soldier?

Perhaps you have a family member or a neighbor, or maybe you live in a town that has a military base. Maybe you know what a soldier does, and maybe this is new information for you. In my family, my youngest son is in the Army and he is a 2nd Luietnent. I’ve watched him work very hard to get in shape and eat right. This is way before he was sent to training.

I think we can learn so much from soldiers and that is what this episode is all about, learning by watching others and using the useful information in your own life. Each branch of the military has a set of rules the soldiers follow, but most are very similar.

There are words like loyalty, honor, respect, duty, giving of yourself (selfless), courage, and integrity.

Do these words mean anything to you? In a family we do these things,  we are loyal to our family and have respect for our parents and siblings, we have our duties, the things that are required of us, and we give of ourselves when we are asked to do things that are above what is expected. Having integrity means not cheating or stealing and doing what is right, these are also called morals. Courage may not be something that is used as much in families because you should feel safe in your own family. But maybe you might need courage if there is something you must stand up for, even yourself. We will get back to these traits in a minute.

Something remarkable that I’ve noticed about my own soldier son and his friends is that many are self-motivated.

What does this mean? It means they do the hard things because they are supposed to not because someone makes them. I watched my son fill a backpack with forty-five pounds of weight and walk and run until he could do at least five miles well. It turns out he had to do 12-14 miles or more rucks – that means walking and running with a heavy weight on your back. He said sometimes his pack weighed 100 lbs. He trained in water, in the mountains, and in the swamps and this prepares the soldiers for the different terrain they may experience.

What these young men do is train to be ready.

Are you ready? Ready for what? For your life? How are you training to be the best you can be? Many times we try to get away with doing the least amount of work, right? What if you are asked to clean up your room? Is it easier to pick up your clothes and put them away or is it easier to kick them under the bed for another time? What did you say? If you said kick them under the bed, that is a short-term solution – this means you will eventually have to do the work of getting those clothes out and taking care of them, so why not do it right away?

In your life, you can be the best you can be or the worse.

Who wants to be last or be a loser? No one. You might say you don’t care, but all of us care.  What can we learn about life from a soldier? Soldiers must do the best they can or they will be cut out, fail their training, be sent to the end of the training to do it again, or worse get dropped. That means they will get jobs that no one else wants. If a soldier does the best they can they will be selected for important jobs because they have proved they can do it. Don’t you want to get the best jobs instead of the worse? If you show you can do the easy stuff you will. It takes practice. No one not even a soldier is great at a job the first time.

Let’s say you are not happy OR you may think no one cares about you so why should you try? The only person you can make care of is yourself. You should want to do the best you can because you can, not because of what you think others will say. That is being a soldier, the kind of soldier that puts integrity and honor first. Integrity is doing what is right and not cheating someone and trusting yourself to make good choices. Honor is carrying respecting others and serving others in a way that is right and just.

Write down the words loyalty, honor, respect, duty, giving of yourself (selfless), courage, and integrity.

Think about how you live your life and think about ways you can improve. All of us can get better and learn from others, not just kids but adults as well. How can you be more loyal? Show honor and respect within your family. How can you do your duty in a way that is correct and how can you give of yourself to your family and friends? What about courage and integrity? How can you use those in your daily life?

In the training that some soldiers go through they are sleep deprived and don’t have enough to eat.

Sleep deprivation means they are not allowed to sleep very much each day, and often work through the night. Sometimes they stay up all day and all night. Not having enough to eat is hard, it means the soldiers go hungry. Why does this happen? To make the soldiers stronger, and to show them that if they can withstand this type of hardship they can do anything. They keep going, they do not stop, they do what they are told, and they do it to the best of their ability. They are hungry. They are tired. They have to push beyond their limits. That makes them stronger.

Thankfully in your life, you can go to bed at a decent time, and no one makes you wake up to take a walk in the woods to do training, thankfully! In your life, you can eat three meals a day and often have snacks if you are hungry. Try to be like a soldier and don’t eat your snacks or dessert one day. How does that make you feel? If you can deny yourself a treat, you can deny yourself something else like doing the wrong thing. You may be tempted to sneak that cookie before mealtime when your mom tells you to wait or do something else that is not right. Showing yourself that you have the willpower (that is the power to go against the easy way or what you want to do) will make you a stronger person.

I hope this makes you think about the ways you can improve your life.

Can you make a plan to try one thing a day? One day try to be loyal, another respectful, try to do your chores or school work the best you can, another time be helpful to others and another has the courage to stand up for what is right and to have integrity in all that you do. Can you imagine if we all tried to live lives like this we would be so much stronger and better!

When people do not act the best it causes all of us to pay for it in some way. We lock our cars and our homes because we are worried someone might steal from us. We put our money in the bank for the same reason. People get hurt when others do not act honorable. But the best place to show that you can be the best is at your own home. If you can try these things without anyone knowing about it – and I am sure your brothers, sisters, and parents will notice. Just like being bad gets attention, being good and doing what is right does as well.

I pray that looking at the good qualities of a soldier that is to fight and protect us is very helpful to our own country. It is designed to keep us safe. Acting honorably in your own family will be helpful to all!

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