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special needs homeschooling 101

Special Featured Author Dr. Jan Bedell

Do you have a child with special learning needs?  While every child is unique and needs specialized attention, some seem to require more. They struggle to progress through typical milestones and traditional curriculum and approaches don’t help them.   That was my dilemma with my first born, Jenee’.  When she was 5-6 years old, I remember thinking that I could do better than what I was observing in her school classroom but being educated as a public school teacher in the 70’s the public school mindset is all you know. That is until God opened my eyes of understanding for a different way. When Jenee’ was 9, God led me to home school and it changed my life. Homeschooling was the best decision I ever made. If you are concerned that you might not have the skills or training, don’t be.  God will show you the way; he will equip you as he calls you.

No matter where you are in your journey with your special needs child, whether you are just now considering home school for this special person in your life or are a veteran, all need encouragement and equipping past our current knowledge level.  My prayer is that you find that in Podcast #25, “Special Needs Homeschooling 101.” In this episode, I will share more of my journey and how God led me every step of the way.

Fear can be one of the biggest battles for a mom of a special needs child. What does the future hold for this child? What if people make fun of him or misinterpret his action? What will happen when I am not here to help her? Will friends be a part of his life? How do I afford all these therapies that she needs? Remember this: fear is like a magnet that goes into the future and pulls toward you what you do not want. In Job 3:25, Job said, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.” God tells us 365 times in the Bible not to fear.  Having a child that seems to be more vulnerable than most makes these admonishments not to fear easier “read” than “done.” It is important that you push back against these fears as they are counter-productive and often cause the child to experience anxiety as well. What’s a mom to do?  Well, when you are tempted to fear, replace that thought with this one: Faith goes into the future and pulls toward you what you do want.  I often tell the parents of my clients to think of it this way. The God of the Universe that flung the stars into their exact place in the sky has our precious little or big ones right in the palm of his hand.  How much more secure can we be?

Be sure to listen to Brain Coach Tips #25: Special Needs Homeschooling 101 on the Ultimate Home School Radio Network. This podcast, sponsored by Little Giant Steps, contains some specific strategies and curriculum recommendations to make life easier for you and your child.  It airs April 13, 2017 and includes:

  1. How I laughed more and cried more over my special child than anything else in life.
  2. Seeing what God might be doing in you through the experience of having a special needs child
  3. Creating and celebrating every small step along the way.
  4. Keeping yourself encouraged
  5. Equipping yourself for success through The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life.

About the author

Dr. Jan Bedell is an author and creates a podcast weekly on the topic of special needs, on Brain Coach Tips, here. She is the creator of a dynamic curriculum for parents of children who learn differently. Her program and seminars have given hope to many. Visit her website at Little Giant Steps.

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