Spiritual Retreat Alone

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spiritual retreat | As a young mom, Meredith yearned for a spiritual retreat alone, just her and God.Spiritual Retreat Alone with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz


As a young mom, Meredith yearned for a spiritual retreat alone, just her and God. When another mother offered to trade off days of babysitting so they could each spend the time running errands, Meredith decided to use that time to devise a retreat with the Lord. Learn how this turned into a precious time of spiritual growth and helped her mentor her family and friends. Meredith discusses the how-to’s in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms

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Show Notes: Spiritual Retreat Alone

  1. How does this work? Especially with babies?
  2. Traded time with a friend to babysit
  3. Using your time wisely – what does this look like?
  4. Spent time (instead of grocery shopping without the kids) to have quiet time with the Lord
  5. Three hours two times a month
    1. Sat at a secluded spot and read the Bible
    2. Worship and walked around and prayed
    3. Sang to the Lord – so refreshing
  6. Poured heart out to the Lord – in need
  7. Once the little ones grew up… and were no longer nursing…
    1. Drove somewhere to pray alone
    2. Wanted to get away with the Lord
    3. Spent a night alone in a hotel
      1. One time took a keyboard to worship and write music
      2. Brought books to read
  • Did some writing
  1. Spend time in Bible reading
  1. Making time to refresh your soul
    1. Family retreats
    2. Festival of booths (was camping!)
    3. Even when you are home and praying there are interruptions
    4. Nature, walk around water – sooths my soul
    5. Especially important for young moms
      1. Cleaning is temporary
      2. Time with the Lord is filling, and still with you.
  • Something precious of time with the Lord
    • You can’t find that by getting your house clean.

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