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Raising Spiritually Strong Kids | In today's climate raising spiritually strong kids has become much more difficult. In this episode, Felice shares some foolproof ways (yes, this is a big promise) and solutions to steering your kids on the path of love, honor, friendship, integrity, compassion, and faith. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #faithandkidsRaising Spiritually Strong Kids Episode 358

In today’s climate raising spiritually strong kids has become much more difficult. In this episode, Felice shares some foolproof ways (yes, this is a big promise) and solutions to steering your kids on the path of love, honor, friendship, integrity, compassion, and faith.

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Okay, roll up your sleeves we are going to talk basics here – and yes, this works, but it takes work. Pun intended.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart, we’ve heard this over and over again, but it is also not for the lazy, the parent who won’t get up off the couch to discipline a child, or worse yet, a parent who insists on raising free-range kids. Spoiler alert! Free-range kids grow up and they aren’t people that you want to be around!

What do spoiled, undisciplined or free-range kids grow up to be? Adults.

Just from personal experience, I know some of these adults and they know it all, can’t be corrected, are never wrong and don’t apologize. Do you know any of these people? Many, but of course not all are devoid of spirituality.

I’m all for letting kids explore, get dirty, and investigate the world around them, but I am also a realist that knows that at some point I have to let go and let my child, a product of their environment? Psychology calls this nature versus nurture and this has to do with human behavior. The question is human behavior formation is determined by the environment or is it determined by genetics, something we are hard-wired or predisposed to – our biological factors. I personally believe it is a combination of the two.

Kids are going to do what they see you do, not what you tell them they should do. (Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.)

Here is a quick synopsis of Raising Spiritually Strong Kids

  1. Teach them that God did indeed create the world. Not some cosmic mistake.
  2. Pray – teach them to listen to the still, small voice of God. 1 Kinges 19:11-13
  3. Teach them to have a relationship with God.
  4. Read the Bible.
  5. Praise the Lord. Everyday.
  6. Sing/play Christian music.
  7. Surround yourself with Christian art.
  8. Allow your kids to ask you questions
  9. Read Christian books.
  10. Allow faith to become their faith as they grow older.

Spiritually strong kids are the ones who have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t care what Christian denomination you adhere to if your kids don’t have a strong relationship with the Lord they won’t stay strong when they are under pressure to change. Kids are influenced by their peer group. (Story here.)

If Jesus walked in the door, would you drop everything and follow Him?

If you want your kids to pray – teach them how to pray.
If you want your kids to hear God’s voice – teach them how to hear God’s voice. (A thought, a direction to a Scripture in answer to a question, or silence – God is listening. I promise.)
If you want your kids to read the Bible – show them by reading the Bible.
If you want your kids to pray for others – show them by praying for others, closing your eyes, laying on hands (scripture) and pray to the Lord from the heart!

Teach your kids to study the Bible, do a Bible study with your kids. (Homeschooling with Proverbs).
Read faith-filled books to your children. The lives of the Saints, Missionaries, Martyrs for the faith.
Watch movies with faith content -Overcomer. (Cleaning people story.)

You can’t be faint-hearted about this, friends, your kid’s spiritual lives are in danger. The world pulls on them from music to television, video, computer games and more! We need an army of spiritually strong Christian kids. And, it starts with you at home.


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