Spotlight Remedy: Aconite (Aconitum Napellus)

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Homeopathic Remedy Spotlight - All About AconiteJoin Sue as she discusses the uses of Aconite and it’s wonderful properties.

Here’s an excerpt about Aconite from Sue’s Book, Homeopathy for Mommies:

Aconitum Napellus: “Fright”

Symptoms are brought on by Shock, Fright, Injury, Trauma, Heat Stroke, Exposure to dry, cold winds, and occasionally by intense hot weather. Always accompanied with Fear/Anxiety

Fear so bad, thinks he will die. Fear from any frightful event.

Exposure to cold weather or wind.

Blood/Hemorrhage: Hemorrhage, In cases where there is great fear or shock. Causing giddiness, faintness, panic. Bright red blood in large quantities. Bleeding with great fear, anxiety and palpitations. Aconite is the remedy.

Colds/Flu/Fevers: “Flu:” colds/flu in the earliest stages: If given right away, when the “Gee, I feel like I could be coming down with something” feeling is coming on. Aconite, triggers the body to fight off the invading illness. A great duo combination: Aconite then Belladona to “kick” the bug.  (AB alternating)

Cough/Croup/Larynx: Cough: Croup: dry, hoarse, suffocation: rough croaking: hard, whistling: on expiration: From Dry, Cold winds/drafts of air.

Ears: Earache: External Ear Red, hot painful, swollen. Sensation of a drop of water in it. Especially Left (ABC recipe: See Chamomilla)

Eyes: pain: or inflammation caused by Injury: congested blood vessels in eye: Hemorrhages

Fear: So bad he thinks he will Die! Of Falling, or anytime: he thinks he will die.

Mind/Behavior Anomalies/Dreams/Oddities: Mind: desire for Ice cold water.

Mouth/Teeth: Convulsions: of teething children: twitches of single muscles: child gnaws its fist, screams: skin hot and dry: high fever. Toothache one sided with red cheek.   

Unquenchable thirst.

Paralysis: Coldness, numbness, tingling characterize the  Paralyses and Neuroses of Aconite. Facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy) from cold dry wind.

Throat/Tonsillitis/Sore/Glandular: Throat: Sore red, dry, constricted feeling. NOT deep red or glossy. But has a burning, pricking sensation.

Sensation “as if”: of a Drop of Water in or on parts.    

Worse: evening and night, in a warm room: when rising from bed: lying on affected side.

Better: in the open air.


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  1. Thank you Sue for another great podcast. I’m going to try this for a loved one who had a fearful and shocking event almost 20 years ago. Wish me luck.

  2. This was a great podcast! Thank you for all the information. Especially interesting was the part where aconite can be used for shock that happened in the past. I have a child who had great shock 7 years ago and I see her as easily prone to panic reactions, quick fear and easily shocked now. I was recently told aconite was only for things that just recently happened, like 24-48 hours. This was an answer I was looking for.

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