Start a Micro Business with No Debt. Dollars and Sense Show #16

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I hate debt-especially for a teenager starting a micro business!

Dollars and Sense host, Carol Topp and guest host, 17 year old Jonah Wilson, discuss 5 dangers of using debt to start a micro business.

In the podcast, Carol and Jonah mention Starting a Micro Business, a helpful book (and ebook) that can be very helpful in launching your micro business.

Show Notes:

5 dangers of starting a micro business with debt

  1. Debt presumes on the future
  2. Debt encourages quick decisions, not careful planning6
  3. With debt, you are a slave to lender
  4. A loan can increase the risk of failure
  5. Debt can stop blessings.

Listen to the next Dollars and Sense Podcast (Episode #17) where Carol will discuss paying workers in a homeschool organization.


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