Start a Micro Business with No Money. Dollars and Sense Show #15

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Do you (or your teenager) want to start a micro business, but fear you don’t have the money to start?

Dollars and Sense host, Carol Topp and guest host, 17 year old Jonah Wilson, claim that you can start a micro business with no money!


Listen in as Carol and Jonah share several ways to start a micro business with no money

In the podcast, Carol and Jonah mention Starting a Micro Business, a helpful book (and ebook) that can be very helpful in launching your micro business.

Show Notes:

What does it cost to start a micro business?
If a product-based business,  then inventory, packaging & shipping and advertising costs
Maybe equipment like computer, lawnmower, oven, piano, etc.
If a service-based business, then not much start-up money needed except for ads, a website, business cards, etc.

Where does the start up money come from?

  • Savings
  • Start as a hobby/volunteer/only break even
  • Investor (or small loan from parents), but not a partner
  • Sell something
  • Work a temporary job
  • Start a service business and save up to launch a larger business

Listen to the next Dollars and Sense Podcast (Episode #16) where Carol and Jonah will discuss the dangers of starting a micro business with debt.


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