Start A Rock Band With Your Daughter – HIRL Episode 11

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HIRL_Start_A_Rock_BandPut on your crazy wigs and plug your favorite electric guitar into your amp, because  this show is all about rock and roll.


On this episode, Fletch and Kendra interview Brian Tompkins, an old friend from their days in college (and fraternity brother of Fletch).


Brian is a single father and one half of the Blue Eyed Maniacs rock band that he started with his daughter. When Brian found that his daughter Victoria was not putting in the practice required for her guitar lessons, he came up with the idea of starting a band. Since then, not only have her practice levels improved, but they have created giant memories and educational opportunities along the way.


Over the years, we have followed Brian’s life through annual Christmas cards and we have enjoyed how much he enters into the life of his daughter. He is creative, energetic and not afraid to get down to her level. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we have. Rock on HIRLers!


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  1. I remember a conversation I had with my husband when we started participating in Civil War Re-enacting. My husband wasn’t too excited about this, but I told him, “What if Matthew was interested in playing football? We would be out there every practice and game, cheering him on. This is no different than football.” And what was so great, we were able to participate as a family at all of the events. Memories are more important than lesson plans!

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