Start Strong and Finish Well With Christmas Traditions

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FW Radio - Podcast #55 - Start Strong and Finish Well With Christmas TraditionsIn “Start Strong and Finish Well with Christmas Traditions” with Meredith Curtis, Episode #055, Meredith shares ways to establish Christmas traditions that work for all ages and will be enjoyed by the whole family now and in the future. She shares specific traditions that her teens loved long after childhood was over.  Traditions can be used to celebrate God’s goodness, instill godly character, and refresh our spirits—Meredith puts traditions through that filter. She also shares how to ebb and flow with traditions, as children grow up and have families of their own.

Curtis Family Christmas Traditions

Merey Christmas from Merey & Laura. We want to bless you this Christmas with a copy of our Christmas devotions, Curtis Christmas Family Devotions. Download your copy FREE on our website on the Free E-book Gifts Page.


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Show Notes

Baking cookies with Mom.

Christmas Traditions are Awesome & Fun!

Celebrate God’s Goodness/Bringing the Story Alive

Blog Post: “The Wonder of God’s Love at Christmas”

Blog Post: “Christmas Traditions: The Traveling Dinner”

Teach Truth & Cultivate Godly Character

Blog Post: “’Tis the Season to Be Generous I”

Blog Post: “’Tis the Season to Be Generous II”

Blog Post: “Christmas Tradition: Shoebox”

Establish Family Identity

Blog Post: “Living, Loving, and Learning at Christmas”

Be Refreshed

Blog Post: “Keep Christmas Well”

Start Strong

Be Proactive

You are Creative (don’t believe Satan’s lies)

Think in terms of honoring Christ

Blog Post: “Christmas Traditions: Advent Wreath”

Blog Post: “Christmas Tradition: Caroling”

Think in terms of fun for all ages

Blog Post: Christmas “Picture Books to Read Aloud”

Never too late to start.

Traditions can be silly.

Blog Post: “A Very Barbie Christmas”


Stay the Course

Make Family Time a Priority

Keep it Simple

Blog Post: “Simple Gift-Giving for Christmas”

Blog Post: “Simple Christmas Pleasures”

Blog Post: “Financial Sanity at Christmas”

Keep it Fun

Be willing to Let Go if It Saps Life, rather than brings Life or Adapt

Blog Post: The Family Christmas Photo

Finish Well

Merey’s Easter Basket Story

Our Children Always Need Our Love

Allow Children to Take Over Traditions they want to Take Over

Pass the Baton

Be Willing to Let Go and Try New

Remember the Wonder of Christmas

The Birthday that Cut History in Two

The Wonder of God’s Love for His Enemies

The Reason we Sing, Dance, and Rejoice.

Christmas Resources

Christmas Resources

Celebrate Christmas with Cookies by Meredith Curtis



Merry Christmas!



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