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Staycation Ideas | Staycations are so much fun and this podcast focus is 101 Staycation Ideas that won’t break the bank! In this episode, I'll share some of the best ideas to enjoy around your own town and state. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #staycationideas101 Staycations Ideas – Episode 351

Staycations are so much fun and this podcast focus is 101 Staycation Ideas that won’t break the bank! In this episode, I’ll share some of the best ideas to enjoy around your own town and state.

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There are many staycation ideas that will save you money. Why a staycation instead of a vacation? Listen here to learn more of the pros and cons of staycations. Staycations are a way to save money as well as have a summer (or fall, winter, and spring) vacation! It is a wonderful way to reconnect and spend time with the people you love, namely your family and friends. Here are a few quick tips for planning your staycation (and be sure to check out the previous podcasts on this topic here and here).

Best Staycation Ideas Tips:

  1. Make a plan. The entire vacation can be spent planning if you don’t plan ahead. At least six weeks if possible before your first trip.
  2. Consider going as a group to get cheaper rates or discounts.
  3. Buy tickets to the theatre at retail outlets that offer discounts for example membership stores offer discounts to the movie theatre and local restaurants.
  4. Look for resident discounts. We have a nearby water park that offers discounts to the residents, and there are often Florida Resident discounts at the theme parks.
  5. Buy ahead – if you know you are going somewhere budget or buy the tickets ahead of time. So, when it is time visit you won’t be out of pocket that money too.
  6. Pack lunch. Food is always so expensive at theme parks or the theatre.
  7. Look for sales.

Here is my list for over 101 Staycation Ideas For Your Family!

Arts & Drama

  1. Children’s Theatre
  2. Puppet Shows
  3. Take art classes – Drawing or Painting class
  4. Paint at home – abstract art – cheap paint and water balloons – throw against a canvas or pin to a canvas and throw darts! Use a drop cloth
  5. Paint tile – go to a tile store and ask for samples or buy broken pieces – paint on these.


  1. SCUBA lessons or become certified
  2. Learn to sail
  3. Take a gardening class
  4. Swimming lessons
  5. Learn how to landscape
  6. Take a mechanic class
  7. Take a self-defense class
  8. Take a martial arts class
  9. Take a baking/ cooking class
  10. Take sports lessons
  11. Learn how to skydiving


  1. Stargazing
  2. Planetarium
  3. Plan a trip to the museum
  4. Nature tails – go hiking
  5. Plan a trip to the nature center
  6. Study Nature: make own binoculars (t-p rolls) or spyglass – out of paper towel roll, paint or wrap with paper.
  7. Nature hunt – use an egg carton – small nature pictures – kids find each item and bring a sample
  8. Fly remote control planes
  9. Play mini golf Play paintball
  10. Play Airsoft
  11. Go to a Farmers Market or Flea Market
  12. Do an obstacle course
  13. Study Birds – binoculars – bird charts, nature walks, bird feeders
  14. Stage several scavenger hunts
  15. GeoCaching
  16. Camping Trip
  17. Horseback camp
  18. Horseback trail riding
  19. Horseback lessons
  20. Groom horses for pay/ trade lessons
  21. Swim for fun – swim in pond, river or ocean, pool – above ground pool
  22. Rent a jet ski
  23. Go parasailing
  24. Go on a hot air balloon
  25. Go snorkeling
  26. Go boating (rent a boat) kayak or canoe
  27. Plant a garden at home
  28. Go to the Zoo
  29. Go fishing
  30. Build an outdoor fort


  1. Visit a museum
  2. Attend an Airshow
  3. Attend a music production or free park event


  1. Plant a garden at home
  2. Learn how to landscape
  3. Learn to make fancy paper airplanes
  4. Photography using an inexpensive digital camera or phone camera
  5. Become a History buff – interview a War Vet
  6. Teach yourself to play the recorder, harmonica or keyboard
  7. Camp your Backyard or even family room (campfire cooking, tin foil meals, or stick meals – s’mores)
  8. Europe – Google Earth – study culture – eat foods, dress, etc.
  9. Cook exotic foods – snails, calamari, turtles, rabbit, crab, etc.
  10. Take a cooking class – cook or bake
  11. Taste test foods or drinks – apple juice, different juice boxes, orange juice – blindfold, and rate.
  12. Moviethon – watch an entire series
  13. Buy a streaming service Pureflix
  14. Plan a day trip that is 10 miles, 30 miles or 60 miles from home
  15. Pick own fruit or veggies
  16. NO schedule – try to be unstructured
  17. Don’t limit technology – it is a vacation (unless you see it causing problems)
  18. Trips to the books store
  19. Frequent library trips
  20. Attend talks at the library
  21. Trade books with a friend
  22. Start a book club with regular weekly or monthly meetings
  23. Learn a new sport
  24. Join a summer league
  25. Buy a sports package for home – Badmitton set, basketball goal, etc.
  26. Dinner picnic – watch the sunset
  27. Explore new foods – make homemade ice cream
  28. Night tag – glow sticks – etc.
  29. A yes day – instead of a no day
  30. Try a new hairstyle – short hair, etc.
  31. Try a new wardrobe style
  32. Learn a new skill – carpentry, faux painting, mechanics
  33. Learn good health – healthy eating
  34. Learn about homeopathy
  35. Learn about essential oils
  36. Eat only foods you have never eaten
  37. Learn a new skill like writing, blogging
  38. Learn a new skill like podcasting
  39. Stage your own podcast at home or production
  40. Play games / learn to play chess
  41. Create a summer themed party and invite friends
  42. Go biking
  43. Learn a new language
  44. Learn woodworking
  45. Try to listen to new music – classical
  46. Learn to dance
  47. Create an exercise regime
  48. Train for a 5K
  49. Build an indoor fort
  50. Set up an obstacle course
  51. Buy a pet – train! (or better yet rescue)
  52. Learn about pets – domestic an exotic
  53. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow


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