STEM Christmas Gifts

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STEM Christmas Gifts

161: STEM Christmas Gifts

STEM Christmas gifts have the advantage of being both educational and fun. Your children are likely to get more use out of them than many other toys. Natalie Vaughn joins me on this episode as we share some of our favorite STEM toys. You can find links to many of the ones we talk about on this post.

Here are our suggestions for STEM gifts:

  • Coding board games
  • Cytosis board game
  • Video games and apps like the Contraption Maker Game
  • Osmo
  • Marble Runs
  • Scientific instruments eg microscopes, telescopesLego Technics – books ideas robotics EV3
  • Building kits
  • Circuit kits
  • Science lab kits – eg forensics
  • Online coding classes

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STEM Christmas Gifts

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