Step 2 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner

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Podcast #18

Get ready for Step 2 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner.  If you missed Step 1 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner, check out Podcast #3 on the Mr. D Math and More Channel.  What do we want most for our children to get out of their education?  The answer is we want them to be self-directed learners.  Step 2 shows parents and young people how to create “The Plan.”  Not just “A Plan”, but “The Plan.”  Mr. D uses this process in his own life, with his children as well as students taking his Life Skills 4 Teens courses. Mr. D’s background in psychology and child development especially in the Teen and Tween years gives you insight into how to make your young person a self-directed learner!

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