SPECIAL REPLAY: Stop Worrying; Start Homeschooling

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Stop worrying; start homeschooling

Hey homeschoolers! Do you worry about homeschooling? If so, you’re normal. You’re welcome and thank you for joining me for this episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show. Just kidding. It is normal to worry, but I’m going to help you stop, so you can get on with the business of homeschooling. For this episode, we will discuss five common worries. If you’re still worrying, you can join me for part 2 of the topic.

If worrying is keeping you from homeschooling, I have help for you! We will put five common worries to rest so you can stop worrying and start homeschooling.

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I hope I’ve laid to rest five homeschool worries for you: lack of patience, organization, and fulfillment and fears of choosing the wrong curriculum or your child not mastering a subject. God doesn’t want us to worry. He wants us to get on with the business of homeschooling He’s called us to.  Tune in next time for Part 2!

Have a happy homeschool week!

Stop worrying; start homeschooling

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