Stramonium for Terror, Fright and Convulsions

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Stamonium Spotlight: A favorite Children's remedy for both Fever and FrightThis week on Homeopathy for Mommies we’re going to talk about a very important remedy in children’s healthcare called Stramonium.   It’s a remedy we first think of for fright and convulsions.  It’s in the same plant family as Belladonna and is very much like Belladonna in Bright Wide Eyes and Silly behavior; and where Belladonna is great for a Fever that comes on quick and violent, Stramonium is great for High Fever that comes on Violently and then becomes Intermittent.  

This remedy is suited to those who laugh at serious situations or exhibit uncontrollable or violent rage. I think of this remedy for the young or those who have experienced such a fright or terror so horrible, that they stammer in trying to explain. It is often used for post fright situations, that have left a stammering speech.

 Listen in to find out more about this amazing remedy.

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