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stress busters for mom | Learn 6 keys to avoiding stress in your life. #homeschool #podcast #homeschoolpodcast @stressbustersStress Busters For Mom – Episode 305

Everyone needs some stress busters for mom because stress results in many things but often it is a feeling of losing control — we lack control to manage our kids our schedules are overcrowded and we feel we can’t do it all. In this episode, we will look at ways stress can rob you of peace and joy — even your health!

Each day we can take charge with these stress busters for mom.  Here are a few tips to help you in your day-to-day travels as well as six points to help you prepare ahead of time by remembering that yes, you can live a life that is not overwhelming.

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Stress can affect your health. It is a proven fact. We want to keep stress down but every day something new crops up. Recently I spoke to a young mom of seven children who shared she was expecting a baby in a month, her air conditioner was making a strange noise, her well needed a new pump and her dishwasher wasn’t working correctly. If that isn’t stress in the making I don’t know what is! And, of course this sweet young mom homeschools.

Six Stress Busters For Mom:

  1. Let go of doing it all.
  2. Perfectionism has to be tempered with reality.
  3. Plans are great, schedules are wonderful but routines are better than both.
  4. DO something for YOU — just one thing. What is that one thing that will help you relax?
  5. Stop and smell the roses. Literally. Grab a blanket and watch the clouds or the night stars.
  6. Read a life-changing book. Devotionals are wonderful, short and can be done each day. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly (add your favorite life-changing books below in the comments).


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  1. Charis Korah says

    Delight to Be a Woman of Wonder goes deep in the Word, and has steps to freedom from the thought processes and reaction habits that deepen our stress.

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