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Stress-free celebration


Regardless of the holiday you’re celebrating, there’s always a certain amount of stress to go with it. There’s no magic wand to make that disappear, but some thinking ahead can go a long way. Here’s what Felice has to say …


Is stress-free enough? Every year, I dream of a stress-free celebrations. I’ve created seminars on the topic for my Thanksgiving and Holiday Expo, I’ve drilled down to the things that really bother me during the holiday, and I plan ahead. Throughout the year, I keep an eye out for holiday bargains that won’t break my budget. But I’ve realized that during the holidays, there is going to be some measure of stress that just can’t be avoided. The strategies below keep me sane: enjoy this list from my Stress-Free Seminar.

Which one of these things can you implement in your holiday planning?

  • Plans with Prayer
    • Make a Plan
    • Plan to Break It
    • Cross Out
    • Add To
    • Discuss
  • Adult Privileges
    • Just Say No!
  • Exceptions:
    • Brings you peace and joy
    • You want to do it
    • You are obligated
  • Mommy Time Out
    • Meditations
    • Focus – 60 seconds
    • Praise music
  • Revive Your Soul
    • Music
    • Reading
    • Praying
    • DO the ONE thing
  • Gift Giving  –card wrap
    • Time
    • Creativity
    • Exchange
    • Encouragement
  • Back Up Plan
      • You aren’t in control
      • Take out the List and cross out
      • Enlist help
      • Regroup
    • The Reason for the Season
      • CHRISTmas (or THANKSgiving)
      • Attitude Check
        • Expectations – yours?
        • Expectations – family?
        • Others WORSE off
  • Permission Granted
    • Neck rub
    • Foot soak
    • Hand massage
    • Family snuggles
    • Eat chocolate or cookies!
  • Affirmations
    • You are loved
    • You are a child of God
    • You are special
    • You are unique
    • You are treasured


Regardless of the holiday (or holy day), with a little advanced planning you can make your celebrations more stress-free.

How do you plan to avoid stress during family celebrations? I’d love to hear from you!

Felice Gerwitz is a wife, mother and author who strives to keep stress out of her life — but knows that only with GOD are all things possible! Here is a handout she hopes you enjoy: Vintage Handouts Stress Free Holidays


  1. Thanks a million for this post and session. My stress comes from traveling every Christmas, guilt if we didn’t, and guilt for not decorating at home since we’re not there. I’m failing my dd in establishing those ‘normal’ traditions. We go to others homes for Thanksgiving too which is fun….it’s hard to prepare a big meal for 3 people.

    • Gay, make your own traditions whatever those are simple pleasures! Indulge in a special dessert you only prepare for the holidays – for us it is cream-cheese crescent cookies. Luscious but oh so time consuming. These are all memories you are building with your daughter! And, remember Romans 8:1 – that is for you! No, no, no, condemnation IN CHRIST! Remember that. As far as decorating you still should – little touches. A small wreath or silk flowers that are holiday-oriented. Just those simple things can liven up the home. Nothing fancy, just heart felt! Hugs to you and I’ll pray the Lord convicts you to give it to Him and not take it back! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great post!

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