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15 Stress Free homeschool Tips | Here are some great 15 stress free homeschool tips that will help! #stressfree-homeschool tips @stress-free-homeschool tips #podcast #homeschool #homeschoolpodcast15 Stress-Free Homeschool Tips Episode 301

Homeschooling is wonderful, but homeschooling can be stressful. Here are 15 stress-free homeschool tips. In this month’s series, we are discussing stress busters … and one of the things in busting stress and having a stress free home is really looking at your homeschool and figuring out what stresses you!

Some of us can work with clutter surrounding us, focus and get the job done. Others can not move until everything is in it’s place. One of my children says he can’t think when it is messy and truthfully that is me!  Just the thought of cleaning up the clutter can stress us. I’ve learned some tried and true ideas and ways to keep the stress level down as well as some amazing tips that can help you in your homeschool some on a daily basis.

Remember friends, one of the reasons to homeschool is to experience and really dive into subjects that matter to you and your children. It is a chance for your children to learn at their own pace. For two of my children that meant taking two years to finish one highschool math text, for another of my children, it meant writing three adventure novels that I published through my Media Angels company and for another two it meant dual enrollment credits before highschool and one of those entered college at 18 as a Junior!

It is not a one size fits all – or as my kids say – one size fits most! It is a time to enjoy your children use what works and tweak until you find out what works best for you and your family!

I recorded a podcast on learning what stresses you and how you can analyze and remove these. In addition, these 15 stress-free homeschool tips will help you in your journey. These are my favorite tips from all of my years of homeschooling. In order to continue with our vision and purpose for homeschooling we often look to things to help us, and in this way, I pray this podcast is helpful to you!

15 stress-free homeschool tips – see if you can add to this list.

  1. Look around. Clutter leads to stress.
  2. Personal dry erase boards – for those kids that need to doodle or draw on everything.
  3. Electric pencil sharpener. This is a must.
  4. Pencil erasers and hand erasers.
  5. Each kid has their own colored pencils, crayons and markers.
  6. Individual totes/ bins/ desks
  7. Shelf your books in subjects – then in the books you will use this coming year. If you get all your books ahead of time, it is so easy to walk to the shelf.
  8. Keep notebooks of a sampling of completed work – do this each week.
  9. Plan educational movie days
  10. Extracurricular – sports and lessons
  11. Listen to the podcasts on UHRN – Homeschool Sanity, Hal and Melanie Young, Peaceful Mom Talk, and of course this show!
  12. Backup plan –  I had a folder of printables just for times when I needed something to keep a child busy when I finished with someone else. If you have different grade levels you’ll need to keep several folders.
  13. Support group – IRL – in real life
  14. Field trips
  15. Teacher planning days



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