Stress-Free Weddings I: The Task

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #195, Stress-Free Weddings I: The Task, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Stress-Free Weddings I: The Task

In “Stress-Free Weddings I: The Task,” episode #196, Meredith Curtis talks to families with a wedding on the horizon who long for a peaceful, joy-filled celebration.  In part I, Meredith helps you take a deep breath, list and prioritize expectations, and plod peacefully through the planning. She looks at the ceremony, guests, venues, photography, food, clothing, decorations, music, budget, and itinerary. From the practical to the relational, you will receive wisdom from an experienced Mother of the Bride.




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Show Notes

You just found out! Celebrate, invest emotionally, make a plan with the couple

Take a Deep Breath!

This is exciting! Celebrate the engagement!

Pray – What is God’s will?

Quiet Dinner – “What are you thinking?”

Dream Big – pare down

Things to remember

  • You are throwing a party for your family & friends to celebrate
  • You can be simple (low cost) or extravagant
  • A Wedding Planner with a Timetable is essential
  • God is the God of Miracles!
  • Pastor/Premarital Counseling
  • Bride & Groom Choose Support Team (wedding party)
  • Mom, you choose your support team because usually the wedding coordinator is you!


  • Intimate? Large? Honoring Christ? Honoring Parents & One Another?
  • Where?
  • Special Things (Unity Candle, Communion, Sing to One Another)
  • Remember you are getting ready for a Marriage – keep your eyes on the important thing!


Who do you want to celebrate with you?

  • Bride, Groom, Parents Lists
  • Save the Date, Invitations
  • Gifts – Thank You’s
  • Out of Towners


  • Choose, Reserve, Downpayment for Venues/Choose Date
  • Ceremony—Church, Garden, Other?
  • Reception—Fellowship Hall,


  • Photos last a lifetime
  • Photographer, Guests, Table Cameras
  • Place to upload photos


Caterer or Do Food Self

  • Cake & Punch
  • Dessert Bar
  • Breakfast or Brunch Buffet
  • Sit Down Dinner
  • Casual Lunch Buffet


  • Wedding Gown
  • Girl’s Dresses
  • Guys Tuxes


  • What “feel” do you want?
  • Start a Shared Pinterest Board


  • Make a Budget
  • Avoid Debt
  • Priorities (What matters most? What do you want to remember?)

To-Do Lists

A Wedding Planner with a Timetable is essential

  • Plan Ceremony/Itinerary
  • Plan Reception/Itinerary
  • Choose Emcee
  • Choose Music & Musicians (or Audio)
  • Pick Out, Address, & Mail Invitations
  • Choose & Hire Photographer
  • Bridal Registry
  • Parties: Shower, Bridesmaid Luncheon, Bachelor Party

Wedding Planner Notebook

I created a wedding planner for my daughters and several close friends. Some opted to use the print version and other wanted the eBook to print only the pages that applied to them.

Everything you need is here!


Before the Vows are Made - Premarital Counseling Workbook for Engage Couples by Pastor Mike and Meredith Curtis


You pick and choose what you want to include and not include. You choose where the money is spent. You choose how and when and where the big day will take place. A wedding planner keeps you organized.

With checklists and schedules,  you will be able to keep you head in all the planning. Family trees, memory pages, comparison pages, budget sheets, vendor payment tracking charts, table arrangement planners, sample invitations, sample schedules, and sample itineraries. But, there’s more!

The Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner has prayers, studies, and meditations to help prepare to be a godly wife. Discover where wedding traditions and symbols come from. Learn all about wedding protocol and who is responsible for what. And lots of Christian encouragement!


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