Special Replay: How to Homeschool Where Strivings Cease

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Homeschooling Where Strivings Cease #homeschooling

Have you been trying to be a Proverbs 31 Homeschooling mom as I described in previous episodes? If you have, you’ll want to listen to this episode in which I’ll share what I’ve learned about the problem of striving and how to find a place in your homeschool where strivings cease. But first, I’d like to thank our sponsor, Sony Pictures –Sony Pictures Animation along with Affirm Films. Their sponsorship helps make it possible for the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network to provide free audios for our listeners.

The Teaching Tip of the Week

Share with your children what God has been teaching you during your Bible time. There was a time when I realized I was writing and speaking about truths God had revealed to me in His Word with other Christian women, but was not sharing with my own children. No curriculum or even Bible story book is more important than teaching our kids these things. When we teach this way, we show our children that our time in the Word is important to us. We model that faith isn’t just a school subject. It’s life. Second, we show our children that we struggle. I’m so thankful my children have few and mild struggles in their young lives. But one day the struggle will be real. They need to know how we cope with trials by example. Finally, there is no more powerful way to share our mother’s heart with our children than to share what God is teaching us. Our children see our love for God, our love for them, and our desire to follow Christ. If you find it challenging to find time in the Word, pray for wisdom for this. Perhaps you can listen to the Bible as you walk. Your husband may offer to give you time or to read with you. The amount of Scripture we read is not the priority; it’s that we are seeking God.


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