3 Keys To Staying Sane While Homeschooling Strong-Willed Kids

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In this episode, we’re addressing a common challenge among homeschoolers: homeschooling strong-willed children. While strong-willed kids have potential to be world changers, homeschooling them can be overwhelming. Tune in to discover three key strategies to maintain your sanity while homeschooling strong-willed kids.

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Step 1: Limit Opportunities to Rebel:

Strong-willed children tend to rebel against rules, especially when rules seem arbitrary. A poorly conceived rule can trigger defiance and disrespect. Suggested solution: Limit the number of rules and make sure they’re essential, connected to safety and values. Focus on rules that truly matter, and eliminate those that trigger unnecessary conflict. Seek a balance between respecting authority and avoiding nonsensical rules.

Step 2: Provide Constructive Challenges:

Strong-willed kids thrive on challenges; without them, they may challenge parents. Offer avenues for constructive challenges to redirect their energy. Allow competition: Engage in sports, games, self-competition, or challenges related to various subjects. Provide leadership opportunities: Let them supervise younger siblings or teach a subject, fostering responsibility. Assign passion projects: Engage in ambitious endeavors like starting a business, writing a book, or pursuing a skill.

Step 3: Express Unconditional Love:

Assure your strong-willed child that your love is unwavering. They might assume you prefer easygoing children over them. Make an effort to show appreciation and approval for their unique traits, including their strong will. Lovingly address defiance, disobedience, or immoral behavior – discipline is a form of love. Discipline, combined with love, nurtures a healthy parent-child relationship.


Homeschooling strong-willed children is a journey filled with challenges and rewards. By limiting arbitrary rules, providing constructive challenges, and expressing unconditional love, you can maintain your sanity and build a strong parent-child bond.

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