Helping Our Daughters Develop Style Confidence

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Hey, homeschoolers! Many of you know that fashion is a hobby of mine. I’ve stopped and started a fashion Instagram account numerous times. In the past year I’ve been listening to the Everyday Style School podcast with Jennifer Mackey-Mary and loving it. She talked about how she deals with the topic of fashion with her daughters and I thought you would love to hear more. If you don’t have daughters but would like to improve your own fashion confidence, you’ll want to listen to the first part of this episode for sure. As Jennifer is not a homeschooling mom, I wanted to share a couple quick thoughts after the interview. Here’s Jennifer.


    • Jennifer introduces herself as a personal stylist and shares her journey into the world of fashion.
    • The conversation touches on the challenges women face when it comes to style and dressing.
    • Jennifer emphasizes the importance of aligning your personal style with your lifestyle and values.
    • The discussion includes insights on the role of mindset in developing a positive relationship with one’s appearance.

Helping Daughters Develop Style Confidence

    • The conversation delves into the dynamics of mothers guiding their daughters in matters of style, especially during the crucial middle school and high school years.
    • Jennifer shares her experiences as a mother and stylist, highlighting the balance between allowing personal expression and maintaining family values.
    • Both hosts discuss the significance of proportion in outfits and how allowing kids to figure out their style can lead to valuable insights.
    • The importance of avoiding criticism of trends and staying open to communication with teenage daughters is stressed.

Debunking Style Myths

    • Jennifer challenges the idea that style has to conform to a specific minimalist or neutral capsule wardrobe, advocating for more creativity and fun in fashion.
    • The conversation touches on the Style Circle, Jennifer’s membership program, which offers a holistic approach to style, covering body shape, wardrobe selection, and personal style.
    • Jennifer discusses the Everyday Style School podcast, aiming to debunk myths around style and empower women with the tools to make getting dressed easy.
    • The interview concludes with Jennifer expressing her mission to inspire women to love the way they look and make the process of getting dressed enjoyable.
    • Throughout the interview, Jennifer emphasizes the individuality of style, the importance of practicality, and the joy that can be found in expressing oneself through clothing.


I know Jennifer has seen mothers try to overpower their daughter’s style and understandably, she wants to guard against that. I do think we want to avoid saying, “You’re X body type” to our daughters because even grown women can struggle with the labels. However, I think fashion is something you can enjoyably explore with your daughter just as you would explore art or music.

One of my friends has read books on fashion with her daughters and the girls have developed great confidence in their unique style. It’s been so much fun to see their choices. My daughter has always seemed confident in her style. She changed outfits multiple times a day before the age of 2! I started off shopping with her when she was little by giving her a few options to choose from. As she matured, she chose the options to try on herself. We haven’t had any disagreements about her choices. If you do have disagreements, consider asking someone you both respect to weigh in. I was called upon to help mediate a fashion disagreement once and a compromise was made.

One thing my daughter and I did that was so much fun is she picked out an outfit for me to try on and I did the same for her. I think we both thought the outfits were hideous on us, but we shared a lot of laughs over it.

I highly recommend Jennifer’s style membership for us as homeschool moms. The included classes are excellent and the capsule wardrobes have everything from athleisure to church-appropriate looks. Be sure to check out her Black Friday sale!

Have a happy homeschool week!

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