Best Summertime Day Trips

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Planning for summertime day trips or day trip is easy, fast and fun! It was the only vacation my family took for many years.Best Summertime Day Trips — Special Replay

Planning for summertime day trips or day trip is easy, fast and fun! It was the only vacation my family took for many years. With both my husband and myself, self-employed the business did not run if we were not here. Being the ever-resourceful couple, we decided to ditch our car and buy a conversion van, and the fun began! Our journeys started close to home. Museums, state parks, and the planetarium. We asked the big question — is this a day drive? If not, we planned a week-end trip.

Out of our day-trip journeys, we soon found a love for nature and purchased our first pop-up tent in 1998. It was brand new and the camping trips began. It was small enough to fit behind our now, SUV and the best news was that it fit our entire family of five kids and two adults. Recently our pop-up was infested with critters that tore it up, but it lasted twenty years!

Supply list for summertime day trips:

Things to bring:

  1. Backpack
  2. Binoculars
  3. Fishing pole
  4. Portable chairs
  5. Picnic lunch
  6. Bug spray
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Water – plenty!
  9. First-aid kit
  10. Umbrella


Places to visit or things to do for summertime day trips:

  1. State park – hiking, backpacking, picnic, field trips.
  2. Museums – local displays, rotating or traveling exhibits
  3. Local culture – car show, horse shows, boat racing, sand sculptures, etc.
  4. Visit a farm / you pick
  5. Go to a fair – state fairs are in abundance in the summer
  6. Rodeo – a bit of culture for the cowboy or cowgirl in each of us
  7. Pet Store – just visit! Some stores feature exotic animals
  8. Flea Market – local culture at its best.
  9. Create an adventure
    1. Do something different, ride a roller coaster
    2. Taste exotic foods
    3. Visit interesting restaurants or cook these foods at home
  10. Horseback riding


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