Summertime Exercise & Weight Loss

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exercise and weight loss | It isn't every day that I'm excited to report my exercise and weight lossExercise and Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz

It isn’t every day that I’m excited to report my exercise and weight loss progress but today I am so excited! I hit a personal goal and my personal best – in fact, it was exceeded! And now I’ll share some ways you too can focus on the beauty of the summertime and not backslide gaining weight you’ve previously lost. While on vacation I knew I would eat, and eat, and eat. The big excuse is we are Italian and we “live to eat,” or so, that was my mother’s fame to claim. There is some truth in enjoying food yet this podcast is about how I could enjoy foods, while keep from gaining the ten pounds I lost, beforehand. Join me for the fun.

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Show Hosts Notes: Exercise and Weight Loss

  1. Plan – If you have a plan – on how you will maintain your walking/exercise routine it will help you lose weight, keep the weight off or maintain your weight. Prepare for the times you know you may over eat and either increase your exercise regime or plan to cut back on future meals. It’s okay to cheat if you have a plan on how you will overcome the setback.
  2. Focus – By keeping a focus on what you want to do and havign a plan you can keep that summertime promise! Focus on your goals: Is it to lose weight, is it to continue to exercies, or is it to do both? At times I would diet without exercising and it took ay longer than diet and exercise. If you lose weight exercise will keep that weight off.
  3. Accountabilty: you are my accountablity! Having this podcast and sharing my success and failure means that I have someone to report to! Who is your accountablity partner?
  4. Routine: Keep doing what you are doing. And be sure that you get back to your routine and if you get off the schedule. Ask your accountablity partner for help. If needed, start small and rebuild your routine untill you reach your desired outcome. Keep that plan in mind… and let’s do this together!


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