Special Replay: The Best Summertime For Kids

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What are the best summertime outdoor activities — well they can range from those that please the most active child to those who would rather sit and read a book. Yet, there is just something about being outdoors that makes us happy! The sun, the sky the bugs… okay, well we want to avoid those as much as possible but still enjoy being in the beautiful world that God gave us.

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In my last podcast (Best Summertime Rainy Day Activities Episode 277) I went over some things like rules that are important for kids to know before you begin any activity as well as encouraging positive character qualities – you may want to listen to episode 279 in order to learn more. It is important to realize that the minute kids get outside all they want to do is run. It’s like the saying, “Free and in the wild!” But, kids can also be directed once outside and I’m excited to share these ideas with you.

My list would not be complete without the following:

  1. Sports with little skill
    1. Badminton – minimal fuss – there is a skill involved
    2. Archery
    3. Tennis
    4. Water balloon fights
    5. Messy relay races like water balloon toss
  2. Camping
    1. In the backyard or at a park!
    2. Set up a minimal tent – bug spray!
    3. Sleep under the stars
    4. Cook over a small charcoal grill/ fireplace
    5. Cook on skewers – veggies or meats (wood – soak in water first)
  3. Stargazing at night – summer skies are awesome for this.
    1. Download a phone app
    2. Use a handheld device that helps you identify your sky
    3. Learn the constellations – lifelong skill
  4. Bike riding
    1. Take bikes to a local park
    2. Ride off the beaten path
    3. Put noisemakers in spokes
    4. Decorate bikes
  5. Nature Walks/hikes
    1. Learn something new – plant, terrain, or wildlife
    2. Use a map and learn map reader
    3. Use a compass for directions
    4. Night walk – use only the moon no flashlight, notice the vegetation in the night light – this is an amazing experience!
  6. Fishing
    1. Use a stick and string
    2. Research what types of bait work best
    3. Fish in a pond (be sure an adult is present) use hotdog, corn or worms
    4. Make your own fishing pole
  7. Picnic
    1. Pack easy to assemble foods
    2. Finger foods
    3. Fruit
    4. Picnic in your backyard
    5. Picnic in the back/ tailgate of your car
  8. Competition/ training for a marathon
    1. Research times for local or nearby marathons
    2. Check out the possibility for kid entries. (Disney)
    3. Train slowly!
    4. Learn about foods that help you when you train
    5. What do you eat before a marathon?
  9. Water Sports
    1. Swimming
    2. Sail Boating
    3. Paddleboard
    4. Make a boat! Create paper boats – try to make them float
  10.  Geocaching – Find treasures!
    1. Go to a geocaching site for locations of treasure
    2. Teaches map skills
    3. Create your own in your home.


Do you have a great idea I left out that is a win-win? Please share them with us!



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