Surviving Everest and Taking Your Family Adventure to New Heights

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Ercanbrack Show Button What a story! Kimberly and Mary Beth are joined by Everest avalanche survivor, Randall Ercanbrack, in this episode as he talks about his harrowing experience in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake in April of 2015. Randall and his daughter, Haley, both survived the avalanche that swept Mt. Everest after the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal killing more than 4,000 people.

B9317310928Z.1_20150525003632_000_GBPASDBEG.1-0In this interview, Randall talks about his near-death experience and along with his wife, Catherine, they share their life story of taking their family on a lifelong adventure that has truly kept their family bond stronger than ever. Can you imagine the story of a 59-year old self-motivated hiking enthusiast training to accomplish his dream of climbing Mt. Everest and attempting it alongside his 30 something daughter, Haley? Tune in to hear more of this amazing story and how you too can take your family adventure to new heights, through the resources Catherine shares on her blog, Hiking Chix!

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