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Surviving Summer

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Well, it was the week of July 4th and summer is in full swing. Boat rides at the lake, sun in the fun at the pool, cookouts, and fireworks. What makes those events even more fun is one of your besties coming in town to celebrate with you.

Ashley and I had a blast hanging out and we decided that we had some thoughts on surviving summer that we wanted to share!

1. Have a flexible routine. If you are like me, the strict schedule goes out the window the minute school is out. Well, let’s be honest, I am not a strict schedule kind of mom. However, we do have tighter routines in the school year, especially bedtime. With four teenagers and a tween at home, sleep is often overlooked in our home. I have to encourage my kids to keep on a decent routine or everyone will be walking around like zombies.

2. Don’t focus on the serious academics during the summer. Take this time to learn a new hobby together, Help your child learn about a topic they have been asking about, read fun books, draw/ paint. Enjoy the FUN in the summer!

3. Find time for YOU. Summer months are make alone time challenging. However, alone time is very needed for moms taking care of children all day. Hire a sitter, swap off with a friend, ask your hubby to help you… do whatever it takes to get a few minutes to yourself on a regular basis.

Have fun! Give your children (and yourself) permission to discover, explore and have a sense of wonder!!!

Find a way to #sayyes today.

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