Vintage HS Moms – Cleaning with Kids


Cleaning with KidsCleaning with Kids! 

with host Felice Gerwitz 

This is the time to BEGIN cleaning with  your kids if you don’t already! Felice shares her story … self-taught to cleaning lady, to back at it again! It is always and adventure and while the “saying” Cleanliness is next to godliness is a myth (it is not found in the Bible!) althought we all know the phrase — Felice gives practical tips for keeping your house so neat that if guests pop-in, you’ll welcome them instead of cringe in embarassment!

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Vintage HS Moms – WAHM with Leah Nieman

LeahNiemanLet’s Talk About Working from Home
Trial, Triumphs & Truth with

Leah Nieman and Felice Gerwitz, you host!

Leah began a idea with a friend, around 2005 and never guessed her group would grow from 12 to 250 to over 200,000 today! Currclick is known throughout the homeschool world as a place to purchase eBooks from curriculum providers as well as attend classes – which is a new feature that was added a few years ago. Listen as Leah shares tender moments with her children, keys to success and answers questions at the end of the broadcast. Leah can also be found at

If you’ve enjoyed this show check out the The Homeschool Sanity Show! 

Sponsored by Felice Gerwitz –

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Vintage HS Moms – Creation Camp


Creation Camp - Media AngelsCreate a Creation Camp at Home! 

with host Felice Gerwitz 

Special OFFER – Creation Camp Download on Sale – ONE week only

Summer is here and now is the time to create your own, personal, in-house Creation Camp … and better yet, invite over a few of your kids friends! Creation is the study of the amazing world the Lord created studying nature, as well as experimenting with fun experiments and of course arts-and-crafts. More details coming…

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Vintage HS Moms – De-Junking & Homeschool Organization


Let’s Talk About DeJunking & Organizing for the New School Year

with Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis 

You will so love this! Felice and Meredith share years of experience in homeschooling and now, they discuss great tips for getting your life organized and not losing those precious treasures or important documents.

Don’t miss this session – listen now!

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Vintage HS Moms – Games That Teach Part Two


Let’s Talk About Games that Teach – Part 2

with Felice Gerwitz & Tara Jenner

Stretch those brain cells and those of your kids with these fun board games!

Felice Gerwitz hosts Tara Jenner , for this part two session, who is a cognitive trainer and has great ideas for using fun activities to train the brain to its highest potiential and this helps with remediation as well! This time we tackle board games and how to work on specific cognitive skills. 

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Accept Responsibility for Your Actions not the Actions of Other People

You are responsible for your actions not the actions of others

It is so easy to forget that we are to accept responsibility for our actions, not the actions of other people.

I realized this a few months ago because I was upset due to the actions of another person. Their actions did not impact me, personally. But, I was actually angry because I could not understand why someone would do/or say that ‘thing’ which had upset me.

So, I sat back and began to really consider the difference between righteous and self righteous anger. I also thought about Jesus’ commands to love others (including enemies), make disciples, and love the Lord our God more than anything else. As I thought about that, I realized that so often we become angry, upset and honestly downright self righteous when we see other people NOT doing that. I also realized that so many people are mad, angry and living without joy because there is an expectation that others should behave in a certain way, including unbelievers.

As I pondered those thoughts and prayed, I realized that all too often, I try to take on the responsibility of ‘owning’ another person’s actions or thoughts – and other people do it, too.  So, today, I want to share what I have learned about accepting responsibility for my actions, not the actions of other people – and how that has given me the freedom to have peace and rejoice daily. Grab your favorite drink, or your shoes to go for a walk and allow your own heart 20 minutes to find the peace and joy God wants you to experience – even in the worst of times.

This episode of Rejoicing Daily is sponsored by Kerry at How To Homeschool My Child
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Vintage HS Moms – Games That Teach Part One


Let’s Talk About Games that Teach

with Felice Gerwitz & Tara Jenner

This is part one of a two part series…

Felice Gerwitz hosts Tara Jenner who is a cognitive trainer and has great ideas for using fun activities to train the brain to its highest potiential and this helps with remediation as well! Take out a pen and paper – this is one you will listen to again and again.

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Vintage HS Moms – The Brainy Bunch


 The Brainy Bunch – Co-Author 

with special guest Mona Lisa Harding & host Felice Gerwitz

Join us right here for this special session

So, you homeschool – or maybe you are interested in homechooling however are concerned about how to school multi-aged, encouraging your children to succeed, curriculum choices and, well… worry no longer! With special guest, co-author of the book The Brainy Bunch, Mona Lisa Harding will share some ways to succeed with your children! Mona Lisa and Kip Harding have ten children, seven of those ten children abrainy bunch book, home schooling successll went to college by the age of twelve (so far!), and the youngest three are well on their way to joining them.


Vintage HS Moms – Help! My Child Wants to Write

kids want to write

Help My Kids Want To Write!

Kids & Writing with Felice Gerwitz

Have you said, “Help my kids want to write?” It happened to me when my daughter was twelve. She watched me, her mom start not one, two or three books, but I had published about six by the time she caught the author bug.

After setting the example and becoming a published author, my daughter said, “Mom — I know I’m a kid but I want to write and get published, too!” Okay! Let’s get right on that.

Kids Want To Write?

Well, as it turned out I did – and Christina and I published a series of novels she and I co-authored. In this episode, I discuss how we wrote the book, the ideas (brainstorming) and the eight pages of only dialogue. Eek! Who was I going to blame, her teacher?

Points we will cover in this podcast:

  • Give your children tools to succeed.
  • Resources
  • Additional tools to help children with the task encouraging success writers

Parents getting overwhelmed by grammatical errors, spelling, etc. What defines success — this is covered in this podcast.

  • Have they accomplished writing a book? Or a short story?
  • What makes a best seller? It is subjective
  • Do you have to sell a specific number of books to be successful?

Writing the novels is the most fun we’ve had together. It not only created wonderful memories but it helped Christina to hone her writing skills. Christina and I wrote the Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series. The books in the series are

Whether you have one child or multiple children who want to write, you can use

Connect with me if you have any questions! Felice Gerwitz and Christina (Gerwitz) Moss wrote and published the Truth Seekers Mystery Series. Visit the website for special offers! You can get all the novels and studies guides in digital format on the Media Angels Membership website — check it out!

kids write



Lunch w/Meredith & Felice – Growing Up & Moving On!


KidsMovingOnLet’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian!

Lunch with Meredith and Felice

Let’s Talk Kids Growing UP and Moving On

Meredith and Felice have homeschooled in the double-digits in terms of years – and they have the experience to share what works and what does not!

We love to know about curriculum, and organization and family conflict resolutions – and of course we talk about marriage as well…but what happens when your kids grow up and move out? How do you transitition as a family and individually in your relationships? Here to share with you are two vintage moms – one who has had a daughter graduate, get married and now has a family of her own (Felice) and one who will have her first Wedding!! in a few weeks (Meredith) with her daughter getting married.

Handout Here: KidsMovingON


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